Salad with mushrooms

Salad with mushrooms - a dish very useful and tasty. All the interesting, and most importantly, the most delicious recipes are collected in one article. By the way, mushrooms contain a large amount of minerals, they are rich in lecithin and protein, frequent consumption of mushrooms in food will save you from cholesterol deposits. Another important advantage of mushrooms is their caloric content: they even eat a small amount, you can feel satiety.

Salads are often added pickled andsalted mushrooms, however salads with fresh mushrooms, in particular with champignons, have a more unusual and piquant taste. Mushrooms are combined with many products that we are accustomed to eating every day. Below are the recipes with both pickled and salted mushrooms, and with fresh mushrooms.

Tip: before you add salted or pickled mushrooms in salad, you must first cook them for 15 minutes, this will help remove excess salt and acid from the mushrooms.


It is necessary:

· Bank of pickled mushrooms

· 3 cucumbers

· 2 boiled eggs

· 2 tablespoons sour cream

· Fennel bunch

· Salt


1. All the ingredients cut into small slices.

2. Then mix, do not forget to salt and season with sour cream.

"Fast" salad with mushrooms served immediately, it will be a perfect addition to the boiled potatoes.

Salad with mushrooms and prunes

It is necessary:

· 400 gr. sterilized champignons

· 150 gr. prunes

· Bell pepper

· Smoked chicken breast

· Cucumber


Champignons squeeze from the liquid and cut into small strips (in this case, mushrooms do not have to cook)

Prunes finely chopped.

We cut the pepper into strips.

Smoked breast - cubes.

Cucumber - straw.

All the ingredients are mixed in a bowl, add the mayonnaise and mix again, salt and add seasoning is not necessary, salty and spicy taste will give the salad breast and mushrooms.

Tasty salad with mushrooms "Renaissance"

It is necessary:

· 250 gr. a tomato

· 30 gr. champignons

· 250 gr. stewed mushrooms (better white)

· 100 gr. mayonnaise

· 1 tbsp. a spoon of vegetable oil

· Bulb

· 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cottage cheese

· Herring fillets


We cut into cubes canned mushrooms,stewed mushrooms, herring fillets, tomatoes and onions, all put in a bowl and mix. Add crushed cottage cheese and mayonnaise, mix and let stand in the fridge for 1 hour.

Salad with mushrooms and vegetables

It is necessary for salad:

· Bank of pickled or pickled mushrooms

· 400 gr. chinese cabbage

· 1 sweet pepper

· 2 carrots

· 250 gr. tomatoes (preferably cherry)

· Stalk of leek

4 sprigs of cilantro

Required for refueling:

· A half teaspoon of turmeric

· 50 gr. wine vinegar

· For ¼ teaspoon of ginger, fragrant and ground pepper

· Tablespoon of sugar and the same amount of salt


To begin with, we prepare a dressing: for this we mix salt and sugar with vinegar, add spices and stir until sugar and salt dissolve.

Then we thinly cut cabbage, carrot three on a grater, sweet pepper we cut by straws, a leek - small ringlets. Tomatoes we cut slices (if you have cherry, then cut half).

Cut the vegetables into a bowl, addmushrooms and chopped cilantro. The contents of the bowl are filled in with a dressing and mixed well. Cover the salad with mushrooms with a food film and send it to the refrigerator for half an hour.

Mushroom salad with cognac

It is necessary:

· 300 g of fresh mushrooms

· 200 g of asparagus

· 300 g of sweet pepper (green)

· 300 g of mandarins

· 250 ml of vinegar

· 45 ml of olive oil

· 30 ml of cognac


Mushrooms cook for 30 minutes, cool and cutslices. From the pepper remove the seeds and chop it with rings. Tangerines peeled, cut slices into 2-3 parts. Asparagus cook for no more than 20 minutes, then cool and cut in half. Put everything in a bowl, use vinegar and olive oil as a dressing, add cognac and salt. The dish is ready! We wish you a pleasant appetite!