Salad with chicken and beans and other recipes

Salads with the addition of chicken have a nice gentletaste and cook them quickly and easily. The use of chicken meat makes the salad not only delicious, but also dietary. This dish is well absorbed, and at the same time useful for the body. I'll bring a couple of recipes for delicious salads with the addition of chicken meat.

Salad with chicken and beans.

This salad is quite satisfying because of the presence of beans in it, which contain a large amount of protein. You can serve it to fish and meat or as an independent dish.

Necessary ingredients: 350 grams of chicken meat, a can of canned beans, a handful of walnuts, 100 grams of cheese (preferably solid), a small batch of crackers, mayonnaise, sour cream, three cloves of garlic, pepper and a pinch of salt.

Now we are preparing a salad with chicken and beans: boil the chicken meat until ready, remove the bones, cut into small pieces and put them in a wide bowl.

Open the beans, drain all the liquid and add to the meat.

Chop the walnuts and pour them into the cup.

Add the sliced ​​cheese and squeeze the garlic through garlic.

We combine sour cream and mayonnaise in the same quantity and fill the salad. Solim, pepper to taste and gently mix.

Add croutons before serving to the table, in order to avoid their softening.

Salad with chicken and beans can satiate you all day.

Mushroom salad with chicken and beans.

For a salad you will need: two chicken breasts, a glass of string beans, 150 grams of any mushrooms, two Bulgarian peppers, a slice of cheese, two eggs, two tablespoons of sour cream, two spoons of breadcrumbs, 50 grams of butter, mayonnaise, coriander and fresh herbs.

Preparation: the egg yolk is combined with sour cream, finely chopped herbs, salt and mix.

We beat off the chicken's meat well, dip it on both sides in the resulting mixture, then roll in breadcrumbs and put the fry in the frying pan.

While stir-fried, we separately fry the mushrooms and separately the beans along with the chopped sweet pepper.

Ready and cooled breasts cut into slices.

All the products are laid out in a salad bowl with layers: chicken, mushrooms, beans with pepper, then repeat these layers again and the final layer is grated cheese.

Salad with chicken and beets "Red Rose".

Such a salad is simply made for a festive table. Delicious and very beautiful, he will like absolutely everything. We need: three chicken hams, three small beets, two medium carrots, ten gherkins, ten prunes, four eggs, mayonnaise and salt.

Preparation: meat, put it in a saucepan and cook until ready, without forgetting to salt. After the meat has cooled, cut it into small pieces.

Separately boil the beets, carrots, peel and grate on the largest grater. One beet and gherkins are cut into thin circles.

Boil the eggs and separate the white from the yolk. We rub protein on a large grater, and yolk on the smallest.

Finely chop the prunes.

Take the dish and lay out all the vegetables in layers:

1 layer - chicken meat

2 layer - prunes

3 layer - yolks

4 layer - carrots

5 layer - gherkins

6 layer - proteins

7 layer - grated beets

Salt and grease each layer with mayonnaise.

Beetroot circles lay on the surface of the salad "petals". Leave the salad for a couple of hours so that all layers are thoroughly soaked.

Salad with tongue and beans.

We will need: 200 grams of beef tongue, three boiled eggs, a can of canned beans (you can boil), three small onions, two cloves of garlic, some fried mushrooms and carrots, mayonnaise, pepper and salt.

Cooking: finely chop the onion and fry until it becomes transparent. Boiled tongue and eggs cut into small pieces and combine with onions. Add the beans, chopped garlic, pepper, salt, pour with mayonnaise and mix well.

Enjoy your meal!