How to prepare a salad with chicken

Today, the home kitchen is experiencing a rebirth. Many dishes known to us are enriched with new ingredients, the taste is improved, but the classical basis remains. The same can be said about the salad "Obzhorka" with chicken. This salad is familiar to many, even the menu of the student dining room can boast of such a dish, but in its recipes there are several nuances and innovations. Let's figure it out in more detail.

Classic Edition

chicken salad with chicken

The illustrations show different salads"Objorka." With a photo, it's easy to understand that the carrot remains unchanged, as well as crackers and meat ingredients. In the classic version, known even to our grandmothers, the carrot is not sharp, but simply fried with onions in a frying pan. Meat ingredient is a regular smoked sausage, and also a cucumber for freshness is added. Salad dressed with mayonnaise, and the cooking time is no more than a quarter of an hour. However, the classics are not all to the liking, so many other variants have appeared, for example, salad "Obzhorka" with chicken.

With mushrooms and prunes

salad gluten-free recipe with chicken

Very often this dish is prepared with champignons. The recipe in this case looks like this. Ingredients: champignons, chicken (fillet or breast), spicy carrot, cucumber, prunes, crackers, mayonnaise, salt. Let's make the salad layers. For him, fry mushrooms in vegetable oil, pre-carefully crushed them into cubes. Of course, the salad "Obzhorka" with chicken will not do without a bird fillet, which must also be crushed and fried. This will be the first layers. Next you need to cut and put the prunes. Next comes a layer of finely crumbled cucumber and Korean carrots. If the ingredients are many, the layers can be repeated in the same sequence. Top of the salad is sprinkled with breadcrumbs. No word was said about the gas station. Here everything is individual: if you like fatter, lubricate each layer with mayonnaise, if not, then through a layer or just from above. This is an amateur. Because of the succulent ingredients, lettuce and so will not be dry. Prunes give it a piquancy and a sweet taste. Crackers will add a crunch, and cucumber - freshness. In general, this salad "Obzhorka" with chicken is a universal combination, besides it is also very satisfying. By the way, if you do without prunes, you can add a little onions or fried straws from potatoes. The taste will be completely different.

With beef and salted cucumber

salad with baked potatoes with a photo

This is also a salad, "Obzhorka." Recipe with chicken bored? Then prepare a very different "Eaty" for your guests. This will include boiled beef, carrots and onion fried in oil, pickled cucumber, garlic and crackers. This salad is also dressed with mayonnaise. It is worth noting this nuance: vegetables on this salad are fried in separate pans, all ingredients are cut into thin strips, and garlic rubs on the grater. By the way, it's better to add garlic to mayonnaise itself for refueling, so it's better distributed over a salad.

Let's sum up the results

Here are just the main recipes of this salad. You can always change its taste yourself, as soon as the old version is boring. For example, salad "Obzhorka" with chicken will play with new colors, if you use a smoked bacon. In addition, if you buy ready-made carrots in Korean and croutons, it is also a very quick salad. You will only have to trim the remaining ingredients, and you're done!