Salad with boiled chicken: recipes with photo

Chicken meat is a universal, nutritious anda low-calorie product, from which you can prepare a variety of dishes. There is an unthinkable number of recipes for festive salads with the use of this kind of meat: olivier, caesar, sunflower, etc. The bird is perfectly combined with different ingredients - it all depends on the imagination of the cook. Salad with boiled chicken has a piquant taste, it perfectly satisfies the feeling of hunger and is also dietary, if you do not add fatty sauces.

salad with boiled chicken
For people who watch the weight, it's beautifulalternative to high-calorie dishes. Eating this easily digestible product, you can lose weight without health damage and at the same time be full. To prepare a salad with boiled chicken, white meat will be needed, for this purpose a breast or fillets will do. Important is the method of cooking: chicken must be lowered into cold, slightly salted water, and as soon as it boils, immediately reduce the heat and not allow to be digested, otherwise the meat will become very dry.

And to get an even more pronounced taste, heryou can bake with seasonings in foil. It is advisable to take a chilled carcass, all useful substances are stored in it. In the frozen product, food fibers are destroyed, and the meat acquires wateriness and becomes not so tasty. Knowing the right ways of cooking, you will get a delicious salad with boiled chicken. So, let's start cooking.

Pomegranate salad with boiled chicken (with photo)

salad with boiled chicken with a photo
Components: 5 pieces. medium-sized potatoes, fillets (300 g), ½ cup walnuts, 1 onion, beets (200 g), 1 carrot, light mayonnaise and pomegranate. For decoration - green leaves of Chinese salad.

We boil the fillets, carrots, beets and potatoes. Onions cut into small cubes, we pass on butter, then add crushed meat and fry. We cook the boiled vegetables on a large grater. Nuts crush and mix thoroughly with beetroot.

We form salad with boiled chicken

salad with chicken
Take a round dish, distribute it saladleaves - this will be the basis. We start to lay all the ingredients in layers in the form of a ring. The first is potatoes, we lubricate it with mayonnaise. Then we do the same with the carrots. Third layer we put fried meat with onions, and finishes all the splendor of beets with nuts. Each layer must be lubricated with a dressing to make it juicy. On top of the vegetable cake decorate with pomegranate seeds. We cool and enjoy exquisite taste. Such a colorful "glade" will be the highlight of any table. At your discretion, dilute the dish with various ingredients, such as prunes, fresh cucumbers.

Salad from boiled chicken is simple, called "Birdie"

salad with boiled chicken
Take the chicken breast (0.5 kg), mushrooms (200 g), canned corn (150 g), garlic, parsley, dill, bay leaf, bell pepper and mayonnaise.

Mushrooms for this dish will suit anydepending on your culinary preferences. Thoroughly wash them, divide into two halves and cut into thin plates. We throw it in the frying pan and fry it - not for long.

In the dishes we pour water, put the bay leaves,pepper peas and chicken - boil and divide into fibers. We combine meat, mushrooms, squeezed garlic, corn and greens. Salad with boiled chicken is filled with mayonnaise and beautifully formed by a slide. We decorate with lemon wedges.