We prepare a salad on the festive table: original recipes

No solemn event is not completewithout a beautifully decorated table, on which must necessarily be a variety of salads, snacks and hot meat dishes. And in anticipation of the holiday, we begin to actively look for a new original salad on the festive table, in order to surprise our guests. Someone is armed with women's culinary magazines, books, others are looking for acquaintances with interesting recipes.

salad on the festive table

An indispensable condition for most housewivesis the presence on the table of a new and unusually tasty salad. At the same time hot dishes are often traditional and proven. And this is understandable. Firstly, interesting salads to the festive table bring variety to the diet. Secondly, cold snacks show the culinary talents of the hostess.

The original and delicious salad on the festive table is a kind of ritual, according to which the triumph as a whole is judged. We describe the most popular and unusual recipes for these dishes.

Watermelon slice

You hardly cooked this salad on the festive table. This is a real work of art. We need: two breasts, fresh champignons, two eggs, onions, one hundred grams of cheese, dill, coriander, mayonnaise, fresh cucumber, tomato, olives.

Boiled meat is divided into fibers. In vegetable oil, fry the onions with mushrooms. Cooked eggs should be rubbed. Similarly we do with cheese. All components are connected together, add mayonnaise, greens.

The resulting mass is laid out on a dish in the formcrescent, to make it look like a watermelon slice. Shinkuem cucumber very thin straws, like Korean carrots. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes. From a fresh cucumber we make a green watermelon rind, in the center we put tomatoes. Cut the olives in half and simulate the seeds. Such a nice salad will be highly appreciated by your loved ones.

 interesting salads to the festive table

Let's prepare summer salads for a festive table of fresh vegetables and chicken. Delicious and nutritious salad called "Starfish"

Ingredients: slightly salted salmon (200 g), chicken fillet (200 grams), onion, two eggs, cheese (100 grams), potatoes (2 pcs.), Fresh cucumber, mayonnaise, greens.

We cut cucumbers with thin sticks and lay outon a dish in the form of a star - this is the basis for a salad. We rub boiled eggs and lay out on cucumbers. The next layer is onion, then the red sliced ​​fish (leave it for decoration), we rub cheese on the fish, and the last layer will be finely chopped meat. Plentifully cover with mayonnaise and lay out fish strips and finely chopped dill.

Vitaminized salad on a festive table with tomatoes, brynza and greens

Products: cherry tomatoes (the amount depends on the volume of the dish), unsalted cheese, walnuts, dill, coriander, parsley, olives, vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar.

Cut the cherry into two halves, we add sliced ​​cheese, olives, nuts and greens to them. Sdabrivaem balsamic vinegar and butter. Such low-calorie salad is served to meat and fish dishes.

summer salads on the festive table

For those who like the combination of salted andsweet, we offer to cook a layered vegetable cake with prunes and smoked chicken. Ingredients: large prunes (150 gr.), Smoked breast (300 gr.), Three eggs, walnuts, hard cheese, boiled potatoes, mayonnaise and coriander.

Prunes pre-soak in boiling water, then cut into 4 parts. Eggs, cheese and potatoes grate. Nuts rub in a mortar, cut the meat into strips. We proceed to the formation of:

  • 1 layer: potatoes;
  • 2 layer: ½ piece of cheese;
  • 3 layer: eggs;
  • 4 layer: half of the nuts;
  • 5 layer: prune;
  • 6 layer: meat;
  • 7 layer: nuts;
  • 8 layer: cheese.

Each layer is smeared with dressing, the top is adorned with greens and cranberries. The cake should be soaked for 3 hours.