Find out what the name Igor means

What does the name Igor mean, and also hispresumable origin are known. It is believed that it comes from the Scandinavian "Ingvar" (warrior of the god Inga). However, in ancient Russian sources, these names are mentioned as different. Therefore, it is most likely that Igor's name comes from the Old Slavonic "play", which means fun, play or fun.

What does the name Igor mean and how does it affect the character

What is the name of Igor
The energy of the word "Igor" empowers a personpurposefulness, thoughtfulness and activity. Although this name is common, however, it remains very expressive and unusual, largely determining the nature of the owner. Energetically it is quite powerful, but in the host there is a certain isolation.

Some kind of softness bears the name Igor. The value and its influence on the character could otherwise give the owner a great deal of internal tension. Igor's energy is balanced, which makes a person active and mobile. True, in childhood the balance can fluctuate from side to side. The possessor of the name does not stand out with perseverance, but he is able to show patience and diligence in studies, combining it with various active children's games. Igor is a name whose meaning gives a person pride and self-esteem. Many of its owners are always ready to stand up for themselves and constantly emphasize this.

Name Igor value
What the name of Igor means for his characterit is difficult to overestimate the carriers. These are very active natures, although their activities can not be described as ebullient. In it, there is a balance characteristic of the whole character. Igor's mood is very seldom. Everyday troubles and business help to give the bearers a name of tranquility. Even when serious problems and troubles occur, energy allows a person to maintain a normal mood and optimism. Therefore, the entire force of the negativized negativity is directed to the channel of creation, thanks to which Igor does not strive for self-concern and painful experiences, but is engaged in seeking a way out of the created difficult situation.

Igor name value
Usually the carrier of this name is wonderfulfits into the collective. Because of what Igor's name means for his carrier, he very often becomes the leader in the company of peers. However, as he grows up, the propensity for the role of a leader rarely finds a worthy use. This is due to the fact that Igor makes extremely high demands on people around him.

In the best way, talents and abilitiesthe carrier of a name can appear in those spheres where success will depend on his own strength. If Igor wants to cooperate well and fruitfully with other people or take a managerial position, he should moderate his exactingness, and also be more loyal to human shortcomings and weaknesses. The same advice should be given to the owners of the name and relative to the family relationship. It is very likely that Igor, who is constantly in search of strength of character in people, will choose his own potential wife by the same standards. However, finding it, he runs the risk of turning a family hearth into an arena of character struggle or getting under the shoe.