Tanzanite stone: properties

The stone tanzanite is amazing. It occurs only in one place in the world. Its color is delicious - blue, with a slight purple tinge. Thanks to the efforts of Tiffany, this stone has become one of the most coveted in the world.

tanzanite stone
The only deposit of tanzanite is inTanzania (Africa). The stone was discovered in 1967. Usually only small grains of tanzanite are found now, but in rare cases large crystals are also found. The implementation is mainly done by small traders who for decades have maintained business contacts with American, Israeli, German and Indian companies.

In fact, tanzanite is a kind ofzoisite, only blue. It does not differ in hardness, so it should be worn carefully and in no case can not be cleaned with acids and ultrasound.

Even experienced diamond cutters are difficult to process stone. Tanzanite is suitable for mature women and young people.

Usually a stone is multi-colored, depending ondirection, it may appear purple, blue, and even yellow-brown. When roasting, tanzanite acquires a blue color. After the oven, a brownish yellow admixture disappears.


tanzanite stone magic properties
Tanzanite is a stone whose properties are not completelystudied. It is known that it is useful to people who have vision problems. Also, the stone is able to relieve tension. They say that he "pulls" fatigue, if you look closely at him.

It is also believed that tanzanite helps withcold, removing fever and fever. In some countries, the mineral is used in the treatment of skin diseases. The stone helps to improve the complexion and eliminate acne. Presumably, the mineral helps in the treatment of spine diseases.

Tanzanite is a stone whose magical propertiesimpressive. He is associated with the frontal chakra. It is believed that it helps to survive the difficult periods and quickly get used to the changes in life. In Feng Shui is applied to NW (benefactors), SE (reserves of personality), SW (knowledge and change).

tanzanite stone properties
It is believed that tanzanite stone is a symbolluxury and love. If you wear it in the form of a pendant or brooch, this promises you a successful career advancement, and you will have not only material prosperity, but also a happy personal life. The stone attracts peace, understanding and tranquility in the family. In fact, he is considered a talisman, protecting the home and happiness. Girls are recommended to wear earrings decorated with this precious mineral, because they are able to give them more self-confidence, charm, make it brighter and more attractive. Also there will be an increase in sexuality and sensuality. The ring with tanzanite will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Also, the stone helps to stabilize the aura,open the Third Eye, strengthen the powers of clairvoyance. A mineral is also recommended for those who seek to improve their lives. Especially it helps people trying to realize their ideas. They say that the stone reduces idleness and laziness, helps express emotions and feelings. Thus, tanzanite can be considered a certain talisman in business.

Experts believe that most of all this mineral is suitable for "aquatic" signs of the zodiac. To representatives of the elements of Fire, Tanzanite gives decisiveness and the ability to reason sensibly.