Sultanite stone: magical properties

Precious stones, though they are referred to as inanimatematter, have, in fact, their own mores, their own natural energy and even personal destiny. Moreover - the older the mineral, the longer it "lives" among people, the stronger its impact on the owner. Often it is not clear at all: whether a person owns a stone or man controls a stone. One of such wonderful creations of Mother Earth will be discussed in our article.

A familiar stranger

Sultanite stone
This is a sultanite stone. About his amazing properties were written by the sages of the Ancient East. His main homeland is Turkey. There, the oldest, the largest deposits are found, and its extraction has been conducted for a long time, and its name was given to the Sultanite stone precisely because the Turkish sultans loved them to adorn themselves. And, of course, to give to their wives and concubines! However, in Russia, in the bowels of the Urals, there are also deposits of the diaspora (the second name of the stone).

Chameleon among the crystals

sultanite stone characteristic
The main charm and mystery of the mineralis its ability to change color. Yes, he is the same chameleonchik, as well as amethyst or alexandrite, only has an even more diverse range of shades. Those who have a sultanite stone among the ornaments can observe a tremendous metamorphosis. In a ragged day or with a dull lamp, it looks intensely green, like a luscious spring grass after a refreshing shower. The similarity effect increases and the glow of the gem is glass, with pearly reflections. So under the sun shines rain or dew on plants. Carefully polished, skilfully faceted by an experienced jeweler, a sultanite stone generously gives people the peculiar beauty that nature has endowed it with. When the light is brighter, the mineral acquires new shades - from green-brown to amber-yellow, honey. But that's not all! Violet, pink, raspberry, olive and cognac, greenish-gray - this is the color spectrum of this miracle. Therefore, jewelry made of stone, on the one hand, is considered universal, coming, practically, under any clothes. And on the other hand, it is because of the "chameleon" nature of the stone that it is better to know in advance what the lighting is in the place where you are going to go in these jewels. Agree, a gentle pink dress in combination with stones of amber color in earrings - some mauvais!

Silver frame

sultanite stone properties
Continue to study sultanite (stone). His characterization will be based not only on the occult properties of the gem, but also on compatibility with precious metals: gold and silver. Esotericists believe that silver is more purely energy. Therefore, the rings with the rim of it are strong talismans and assistants in magical rituals. And noble cold silver shine harmoniously combines with any color shade, in which sultanite can be painted. Stone, whose characteristic is associated with polyphonic (multicolor), acquires stability and consistency of influence just next to silver. It, in turn, gives the crystal additional brightness, radiance and luxurious appearance.

Gold frame

Sultanite stone
On the other hand, the diaspora is still a stoneenough rare. And at the end of the 19th century private collectors were proud of its copies. Therefore, gold, moreover, the highest jeweler's test and the best quality, is the frame with which the crystal is worthy. By the way, very interesting are the sultanite (stone) properties of litmus paper: surrounded by low-grade gold, it dims, loses its natural brilliance and play, depth and striking transparency. It seems that the diaspora falls asleep. But it's worth changing the frame - right before your very eyes a miracle of awakening will begin. Having noticed this feature, in the old days the master jewelers with the help of the sultanate determined whether the fake gold was not. But the mineral itself can not be synthetically created, as, for example, an artificial diamond fianit. And fakes are excluded.

The esoteric meaning of Sultanite

sultanite stone price
Diaspora in Greek means"diffusion". It is very fragile, starts to crack when heated and break up into small pellets. This, by the way, differs from other terrestrial rocks sultanite. The stone of unusual properties also shows in this way: if its owner is threatened with a serious illness, the mineral itself splits. As if he consciously warns the owner of the impending danger. It is very useful for the gem and for those who are involved in the creative or intellectual sphere. Here, the sultanite stone of magical properties manifests itself in that it awakens in people a tendency to reflections, reflections, tends to philosophical harmony, points out non-standard ways of solving problems. Promotes the development of imagination, creative imagination. Like most transparent crystals, the gem fits the fiery signs of the Zodiac - Aries, Lions and Sagittarius. In contact with them, Sultanite's magic features are especially strong in revealing magical properties: it instills steadiness, improves intuition, develops the gift of foresight. Can hope for his help and earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. With their emotional limitations, a bright gem positively influences the sphere of feelings, awakens cheerfulness.

Cost of stone

Adored women's diasporas for his juicy orgentle, pastel colors. The ladies were noticed: if the decoration with a crystal was worn by not even a very beautiful woman, in the eyes of others she looked unusually attractive. For this and to this day is in favor of sultanite (stone). The price of a pair of female earrings, for example, in jewelry stores varies from 24 to 26-29 thousand rubles. The ring with a gem stands in the range of 13,400-16,500 thousand. True, jewelry - not the most objective criterion, because the amount is indicated not for the mineral itself, but for the entire jewelry product. Naturally, depending on what size and quality, such as sultanite (stone) cut, the price in different stores can be very different. Plus the design of the decoration, the extra inlay ... And yet, no matter how expensive the stone may seem to you - get it! You can admire the crystal for many years, filling the soul with joy and good mood!