Properties of cubic zirconia: artificial stone

A person who is not particularly versed in the authenticitystones, can easily accept fianit for a real diamond. Outwardly, he differs little from him: the same colorless and transparent, just poured. It is also surprising that this imitator of diamonds is a synthetic creation, born at the end of the last century in the laboratory of the Soviet scientific research institute. Then they were looking for material for laser work, but they got a beautiful crystal. Since then, it has been used in industry and the jewelry industry, but these are not all properties of cubic zirconia. The stone, despite its man-made origin, also has some mystical qualities. In addition, it is issued for a real diamond, thereby presenting inexpensive jewelry as an elite product.

Properties of cubic zirconia. Stone with a puzzle

The word "fianit" sounds melodic and noble, like all the names of famous stones. In fact, there is nothing romantic about its name, on the contrary, everything is very prosaic and practical.

properties of cubic zirconia stone
Fianit is the abbreviation of that scientificinstitution where he was "born." The physical institute of the Academy of Sciences - so the name of the stone is deciphered. But this did not prevent him from becoming the most famous of artificially created jewelry crystals. Fianit even violated the work of world exchanges, when an immodest quantity of diamonds of large sizes appeared literally from the air - after all, nothing was known about the new deposits of this crystal.

Properties of cubic zirconia. Stone "without a double bottom"

It is believed that all known natural stonesof origin are endowed with healing and magical qualities. Lithotherapists know what is inherent in each of them, how they affect the person and his fate, how and to whom they are properly worn, etc. Astrologers "fix" for each sign of the zodiac their own stone, the influence of which suits a particular representative. What does stone fianit? Since he has a synthetic origin, he can not have medicinal properties, but magical qualities have already appeared.

which means stone fianit
Astrologers do not rank him in any of thesigns, but on the whole they evaluate it as an "easy" stone, bringing good luck, success and victory. There is an opinion that he symbolizes loneliness, since he did not have a place among other stones. The stone is suitable for people whose work and life are associated with long and long trips, it suits those who are active and curious, who seek to learn a lot.

Properties of cubic zirconia. Stone in decorations

Fianites are often used in decoration of jewelry, watches, bracelets and other decorative

black stone fianite
x products. If we talk about accessories, then it is rarely the main stone of the product. It is used as an additional decoration to give extra shine and radiance. Even cubic zirconia are used in the chemical industry, in instrument making, in optics. They are not only transparent and colorless, like water, but they also have a multi-colored color. For example, there are pink, purple, green, red, and also there is a black fianite. The stone (its color and properties) depends on the stage of production, on which a certain colored impurity is added.