Rhinestone: The Magic Properties of a Stone

How beautiful is the rhinestone! Magical properties are attributed to him from time immemorial. It's nice to see the shiny transparent faces. It is his beauty and he deserves close attention in the real and mystical worlds. It is a transparent type of quartz, a mineral, one of the crystalline varieties of silica. The defectless, clear and transparent crystals of this mineral are very valuable, as they are extremely rare. From a practical point of view, the most valuable crystals are 3-5 centimeters in size.

rock crystal magic properties

Since ancient times, it has been used. Even the inhabitants of ancient Rome made from it seals, vessels and ornaments. The Roman patricians loved to cool their hands on crystal balls on hot summer days. What to say, noble, beautiful and comfortable. In ancient Greece, hemispheres were made from it, which they used for reading, which became the prototype of modern lenses. The priests made from it special lenses and commanded divine fire before the stricken fellow citizens. It was from there that the opinion came that the rock crystal had magical properties.

rock crystal properties
It was a reality ... But fantasy begins with varieties of this mineral. Just listen: amethyst, citrine, rauchtopaz, morion ... Names worthy of the works of the great Tolkien!

Mysterious rock crystal. The magical properties of this mineral are reflected in the poetic line: "Will I see fate in a crystal ball?". The ancient sages claimed that it is a mystical alpine ice that does not melt under the sun. But not only the appearance gives it a mystery. The ability to always maintain a pleasant coolness of the surface is also elevated to the rank of mystical properties. It is the rock crystal that they take with them to the temples if they ask God for something, since it is believed that the owner of this stone will not be refused. For mystics, rock crystal embodies the idea of ​​interweaving past and present. It is a symbol of purity, patience and perseverance. Fortune-tellers see in it the infinity of space and use it to predict the future.

In the literal and figurative sense, the mountainouscrystal. The properties that characterize it are the perfection of form, irreproachable transparency, an impressive play of the light of its facets. The first place in the world for the amount of rock crystal in the bowels of the Alps. In Russia, it is mined in the Urals, Altai and Yakutia. In connection with the Urals mentioned in the stories of Bozhov (along with other minerals) and rock crystal, the magical properties of which formed the basis of these works.

rhinestone decoration

Also as a precious stone usedrhinestone. Jewelry from this gem is loved by many women of fashion, since it is believed that he is able to attract to his possessor love, the joy of life, the sympathy of the opposite sex, luck, peace of mind and well-being. The cut stone is inserted into rings and brooches, pendants and earrings. Men love him for being a strong hunting symbol. And absolutely any person will save from the nightmares a piece of rock crystal, placed under the pillow before going to bed.