Horoscope compatibility - Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius can create a promising,but a very complex alliance. Sagittarius is a friendly and open sign. Such people are benevolent and straightforward. Scorpio is incredulous. He can open only to the closest person, and his friendliness and straightforwardness - only outside.

Sagittarius and Scorpio
A common feature of these two signs is the need for knowledge. True, Sagittarius wants to know everything because of simple curiosity, and Scorpio - because of the fact that it attracts all the mysterious and hidden.

The Sagittarius never loses faith in the fact that hewill come out victorious from any situation. He is lucky in life, despite the fact that he can sometimes lose. Scorpio can not stand losing. It is very difficult for him to be in the state of the defeated, and his hands fall.

Scorpio is constant in his feelings and is open. Sagittarius, although open, but very changeable. He is not touchy, which can not be said about the representative of the water element. If Scorpio and Sagittarius want to be together, the representative of the fiery element must learn to think before speaking.

Scorpio appreciates people who canfeel deeply. He is also sympathetic with temperamental and passionate people with strong sexual desires. And the lack of sensitivity the representative of the fire element compensates for his passion.

Scorpio and Sagittarius
Sagittarius is afraid of responsibility and hatesattachment, although he knows how to love openly and honestly. Scorpio must learn to trust him and leave aside all his accusations and reproaches. Well, if a representative of the water element can inspire a partner to think about the benefits of marriage.

In the intimate life of the interests of these signs completelydiverge. Although Scorpio and Sagittarius have different attitudes towards sex, they have about the same temperament. In bed, Scorpio is focused and taciturn, and Sagittarius is very talkative.

This union often lacks understanding andwarmth of the soul. To live in a happy marriage, Scorpio and Sagittarius must learn to respect each other, give the partner all their tenderness. The main thing is not only to hear, but also to understand your chosen one.

Sagittarius will not tolerate any restrictions and controls. A representative of the water element will have to come to terms with his adventurism, instead getting a temperamental lover.

Marriage of Sagittarius and Scorpio
Marriage Sagittarius and Scorpio can be verysuccessful if the partners at the very beginning of the relationship discuss its financial side. Scorpio always saves, and Sagittarius spends every last penny. Partners must decide who will dispose of the money earned and how, or all the money will be kept by a representative of the water element.

Sagittarius - windy partner. For sex, this sign is not indifferent, as, in principle, to other pleasures. He does not mind having an affair on the side. If Scorpio can catch him on this - their separation is inevitable.

Sagittarius and Scorpio - tandem is not very durable, butcommon. To preserve him, Scorpio must work on himself, be patient and not be outraged by jealousy. In no case should he focus on his partner and accumulate offenses in himself, try to be more persistent in achieving his goals.