Lessons of astromineralogy: properties of stones - malachite

Among the natural minerals malachite isplace of honor. This is an ornamental stone of amazing beauty, with very special, given to him by nature drawings. Jewelry from it fascinates with noble grace, richness of design, soft matte glitter of stone. However, in the esoteric, including in medical astrology, to him a very special relationship.

Historical background on the use of malachite

properties of stones malachite
If we consider a variety of magicalproperties of stones, malachite will be among the most popular minerals one of the first places. For many millennia, people used his healing power to heal mental and physical ailments.

  • Since the days of ancient Egypt, faces robedpower, considered malachite as a conductor of higher energy. Concentrating the beneficial properties of stones, malachite was necessarily present on the hats of the pharaohs among other jewels. He had a positive effect on human consciousness, stimulated visionary abilities, and developed special super-wisdom. Moreover, the priests and priestesses, the leaders of the temples, the supreme clergy pushed the mineral into powder and applied it to the eyelids as shadows. Such decorative cosmetics not only effectively shimmered and glittered, but also enhanced the degree of spiritual enlightenment of ministers of various cults, their esoteric capabilities: to enter a meditative state, to go to a high astral level, to understand prophetic visions, revelations, etc. In this regard, if we compare the properties of stones, malachite most clearly manifested itself precisely as a stone of wise men and prophets.
    malachite stone magical properties
  • And in Europe, this mineral was in particular honorwomen preparing to become mothers, and those who have already acquired a large family. In many rural areas of Switzerland and the French Alps, women in an “interesting position” acquire malachite crosses. It is believed that they help to bear the burden of this period easier, protect the mother and the baby from diseases, injuries, accidents, miscarriages, bleeding and other misfortunes. But always with each new cross should buy anew. And then he, as a baptismal, is put on a newborn baby. And such are the esoteric properties of stones: for such a person, malachite turns into a reliable talisman for his whole life. It should be said that this tradition exists as much as the sixth century. And in general, it used to be used to decorate with malachite cradles and cots for children: the mineral soothed, inspired pleasant dreams, drove away evil spirits, so that they would not disturb the little ones. By the way, psychologists still advise parents, whose children belong to the category of emotionally unstable, difficult, quick-tempered, unbalanced, to buy them some items (jewelry, knick-knacks, etc.) with this stone. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relaxes, relieves emotional stress, is a kind of antidepressant.
  • And finally, such interesting information: malachite is a stone, the magical properties of which open up in a person the ability to understand the language of all natural beasts, first of all, animals and birds. To do this, just need to wear the appropriate ring or other jewel. And if, moreover, to grind a cup or a glass from a solid stone and constantly drink only from it, you can even learn to communicate with animals. It was such a gift, thanks to malachite, that the famous Catholic saint Francis of Assisi, one of the most prominent representatives of the Order of the Franciscans, found.

Stone and Astrology

malachite magical properties
As you know, every sign of the zodiac has a setcorresponding to him precious and semi-precious stones. Malachite, with its beautiful, juicy green color so harmoniously combined with the color of fresh young foliage, the first spring grass, refers to Taurus, whose numbers are from April 20 to May 20. It is with respect to representatives of this sign that malachite exhibits magical properties to the greatest extent. It enhances their creativity in various areas. In general, it is a stone of artistic natures, artistically gifted, connected by special threads with the world of nature, the Universe, the Cosmos. Therefore, he is a talisman for other zodiac signs, whose life activity is connected with the world of art. In addition, it has a positive effect on the chakras of the head and heart.

As you can see, the stone is really interesting. Get malachite and your life will be brighter!