Unique and powerful magical properties of the obsidian stone

magical properties of obsidian stone

The magical properties of the obsidian stone from the oldtime is considered to be legendary. The fact is that ancient Sumerians - one of the first civilizations that appeared on our planet - believed that it contains the strength of three elements at once. The sun gave the products of obsidian male energy, because it was considered the patron saint of magicians, witches and sorcerers; gave huge leadership abilities. Saturn could affect fate and the past. Moreover, he increased his ambitions and positively influenced his endurance. And finally, Uranus had such energy, which was like a lightning strike, instant and accurate. He gave the ability to knowledge and wisdom. It is impossible to say exactly whether the magical properties of the obsidian stone combine these three powerful planets. However, the fact that it is used to develop intuition and learn to anticipate events, confirms the above force.

black obsidian stone properties

Sumerian characteristics of magical propertiesobsidian stones are not limited. The Sumerians made mirrors out of it, but not for everyday use. If you try to peer at it, you will realize that there is a very unusual mirror in front of you. In fact, the Sumerians used it exactly like that: in these magical objects one could see the future, uncover the riddles of the past or, for example, find out what was previously unknown. Some countries to this day use obsidian mirrors, but they are made in the form of balls, about the same as we used to see in predictors or psychics. It should also be noted that during a fairly long period, the obsidian spheres of the future far outnumbered their crystal "sisters".

Astrologers consider the main very differentthe magical properties of the obsidian stone. They assume that his patron is Pluto. Despite the fact that scientists have ceased to consider it a planet, the astrological effect has not gone away. Moreover, it is Pluto that has the strongest and most powerful influence on the expansion of consciousness. Consequently, obsidian is a stone that is an eternal companion of clairvoyants and psychics.

stone obsidian price

It should be noted that many people like inantiquity, and in modern times used as an amulet obsidian stone. The price of it is not high: you can spend only 20-25 dollars to acquire a powerful talisman for yourself. There are amulets and cheaper, but they will be smaller, respectively, their influence will not be so significant. It is generally believed that he protects from evil eye and spoilage, warns against bad deeds, which the owner of the amulet will later regret.

As for coloring, in most casesyou can see black obsidian. However, there are red, gray, brown and other shades. Because of the color, many can confuse it with artificial marble. In any case: red, brown or black - obsidian - stone, the properties of which can be called unique, because only its appearance fascinates so that it is impossible to tear off the eye.