Mysterious Malachite: The Magic Properties of a Stone

malachite magical properties of the stone
You might be interested to know whichDoes the chemical composition have malachite? The magical properties of the stone are probably related to the fact that it is an aqueous copper carbonate. The latter has good electrical conductivity, so it is widely used for ritual purposes, medicine, etc. For example, one of the main symbols on the Yakut Sun festival is Altan Serge, or the copper horse tie, to which representatives of different worlds, including otherworldly, can bind horses. From the most malachite in antiquity erected significant buildings (the temple in Ephesus).

What color is malachite? The magical properties of the stone, among which is the ability to tune children for appeasability, are partly due to its color. The mineral is green-blue, light green, turquoise, emerald tones, and green shades, as is known, have a calming, harmonizing effect. In addition, the stone has a remarkable pattern, which, according to some opinions, looks like mallow leaves.

malachite properties
Do you know who malachite patronizes? The magical properties of the stone associate it with a strong feminine. In ancient Egypt, the mineral was dedicated to the goddess Hathor, who bestowed fertility and was associated with the cult of trees. It is believed that the energy of this stone gives good health, helps with heart and lung diseases, rheumatism, asthma, heals minor wounds, heals eye ailments, heals convulsions, tics, as well as melancholic and feverish conditions. In Russia, it was assumed that talismans from the above-mentioned mineral can fulfill wishes.

In which frame is it better to wear malachite? The magic properties of the stone are best disclosed in non-precious frames - copper, bronze. In addition, silver is suitable. Mineral is better to wear in the form of a ring on the left hand, which provides women with the enviable attention of men. But the golden frame is not recommended, because malachite itself is very energetic. It is noted that malachite bracelets can eliminate redness on the skin, which is very important for adolescents, and the necklace can accelerate hair growth.

malachite photo
Malachite, whose photo is presented on the page,suitable for creative people, because it gives them charisma. It can be worn by those who constantly need to distinguish truth from falsehood, filter information. Wearing in May, the decoration of such a plan will help to permanently get rid of fears, insomnia. Malachite is an ideal talisman for children, as well as a talisman of obstetricians, so it is not contraindicated for pregnant women. For therapeutic purposes, lithotherapists recommend light samples with maximum energy.

Malachite, whose properties are so multifaceted,fits many zodiac signs. Best of all, Libra penetrates with his energy, to which he adds harmony and self-confidence. Lions and Tauruses respond well to interaction with the stone. A mineral with outstanding qualities does not suit the aggressive Scorpios, the impressionable Cancers and the humble Devas. With the first he comes into conflict, and the rest can have an overwhelming effect.