Love compatibility: he is Scorpio, she is Scorpio

Characteristic of the interaction of people,based on their belonging to a certain sign of the Zodiac, is called astrological compatibility. He is a Scorpio, she is a Scorpio ... This union from the very beginning frightens the surrounding people with its explosive and constant incandescence of passions. For Scorpios, this state of affairs and such feelings in relationships are a common thing. But still they will not get bored of each other.

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Love compatibility: he is Scorpio, she is Scorpio

Despite the fact that in this tandem came togetherrepresentatives of the same Zodiac sign, there is no question of mutual understanding here. Scorpio Scorpio - discord. Among them, with equal success, there are tyrants and people capable of compromise, striving to take over the partner completely and freedom-loving, not respecting anyone around and quite nice people. The only thing that unites absolutely all Scorpions without exception is a sense of dignity, which it is better for their partners never to touch. It is unlikely that in this tandem representatives of this stinging sign will be able to point the other way to the right, help to work out karmic debts. If these people are still together, then, most likely, they did not come together for love, but from a cold calculation.

Family compatibility: he is Scorpio, she is Scorpio

Their marriage can be quite successful if the partners show mutual respect.

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Together, Scorpios can achieve those goals,which would have remained only dreams if they had fought alone. In such a marriage there is a constant struggle for leadership. Since the Scorpions are mysterious schemers who like to lead a hidden game, in this pair, long tricks are possible. Are not excluded and treason. But they simply will not destroy their family. For the sake of children, every Scorpio is ready for anything, even sacrifice himself. Parents of them turn out to be rather cold. This is due to the fact that since the early childhood the Scorpions begin to prepare their children for a severe adulthood.

Sexual compatibility: he is Scorpio, she is Scorpio

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The intimate life in this pair is the key. Often it is sex that causes these partners to stay with each other, as the compatibility of signs says. A Scorpio woman is very erotic and passionate, which enthralls any man. In turn, a strong representative of this sign also has a huge sexual magnetism and charm. In bed, their relationship seems to be born again. However, after sexual sobering, problems do not go away. These signs are too important to yield to another for the sake of love and feelings. In addition, the Scorpions are keen on the problem of fidelity. They themselves are not averse to taking a walk on the side, but their partners are wildly jealous and, having learned about treason, go away forever. In order for their union not to be destroyed, they should learn to forgive and accept each other completely, not to try to remake their beloved. Here are all the secrets that the Zodiac hides.

Scorpio ... The compatibility of the representatives of this sign will be just ideal if there is love in the pair and there will be no place for destructive principles.