A powerful talisman of topaz. Magic properties of a stone

Since ancient times people have revered and appreciated topaz. The magical properties of the stone surprise and amaze, because he is able to stop the raging elements, heal the person, restore the balance of his inner world. In translation, the name of the mineral means "fire" or "heat". In nature, there are many varieties of topaz: blue, blue, pink, golden, brownish, pale green. A huge crystal was found in 1966 in Ukraine, its mass was 117 kg, and height - 82 cm. Minerals are mined in Russia, in Madagascar, in Brazil.

topaz magical properties of stone
Topaz has properties and medicinal. In ancient times healers used it for poisoning with poisons. The stone also has an effect on the eyes, cataracts, myopia, and hyperopia. Mineral weakens seizures of epilepsy, bronchial asthma, heals the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, spleen, stops bleeding, helps to recover faster after severe operations or injuries. Ornaments with topaz are recommended to be worn to enhance immunity, prevent colds and pneumonia. Necklace with mineral strengthens the thyroid gland.

Depending on the color of the crystal, a different valuehas topaz. The magical properties of the stone of pink color consist in the return of lost hopes. Such minerals were especially revered in India, they brought man back to life, gave faith in themselves. The golden topaz symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. The blue stone is able to pacify the raging elements, to calm the storm. The mineral was especially revered by the sailors, whom he defended in a storm. He led the ship out of the strongest fogs.

blue topaz stone magic properties
In the Middle Ages, unprecedented popularity among womenused topaz. The magical properties of the stone always attracted attention. Such a talisman will make its owner more sociable, in real life, real friends will appear. This mineral has a special effect on the nervous system, it is capable of pacifying the storms of the soul, teaching them how to treat the events in a philosophical way, equilibrating the disturbed psyche, driving nightmares away, and saving from depressive moods.

Prevention of Graves' Disease is Bluetopaz. Stone, the magic properties of which especially strongly affect the Scorpions, treats infertility, various diseases of the uterus, restores the hormonal background in women. Such an amulet protects against black witchcraft, spoiling, evil eye, evil spirits and thoughts. Topaz is considered to be a stone of prudence, wisdom, spiritual purity. He is an excellent talisman for the Scorpions, helps them to quietly enjoy life, to protect themselves from fatal passions. Women make a mineral irresistible and attractive, and men give worldly wisdom.

topaz properties
The amulet of scientists, businessmen and travelersis considered topaz. The magical properties of the stone bring material prosperity, success in a professional career, good luck in endeavors. To overcome life's difficulties, you need to wear a crystal on your chest in the form of a brooch or pendant. Topaz, like a magnet, will attract to the owner material wealth and feed it with a new force.