Magic properties of chrysoprase stones. What is remarkable about them?

Of course, chrysoprase can rightly be considered unique in color and shape

Magic properties of chrysoprase stones
a mineral, which, moreover, is also very beautiful. It has an emerald green hue. Its name consists of two Greek words: prasos, which translates as leeks, and chrysos, which means gold. That is why many in color compare it with a famous vegetable, which practically all grows in the garden.

It should be noted that the unique magical properties of chrysoprase stones are known from antiquity. In India, it was worn as an amulet, which protected from spoilage and evil eye.

In Europe, it came into fashion in the 18th century, whenKing of Prussia Frederick II decorated his own crown. Until this time, chrysoprase was an inseparable decoration of church utensils in the countries of the Old World.

Of course, considering the magical propertiesstones chrysoprase, we can not emphasize the fact that he is a powerful amulet. It is believed that this bright translucent mineral protects its owner from various kinds of dangers and troubles, including envy, ill-will, slander. In general, he is a kind of protector against negative energy.

Chrysoprase Stone Magic Properties
The magical properties of chrysoprase stones help, infirst of all, enterprising people with an active lifestyle. With his help, they easily acquire reliable friends and "acquire" business ties.

If you constantly wear chrysoprase with you, then you can develop oratory skills. In addition, the mineral contributes to material enrichment and brings its owner success in various spheres of life.

And also the magical properties of chrysoprase stones help to achieve harmony in interpersonal relationships and raise cheerfulness of the spirit.

It should be emphasized that the mineral does not helppassive people who are lazy and heavy on the rise in business. It is also useless for those who show maximum suspicion and extreme caution.

From an astrological point of view, chrysoprase isa mineral belonging to the air element. It must be constantly worn by people born under the sign of Aquarius: the stone will help them realize their plans, develop their creative potential and contribute to collective action for the common good.

Chrysoprase stone price
Thus, chrysoprase is a stone, magicalwhose properties, of course, are unique and exclusive. If it is regarded as an amulet, then first of all it will benefit those people who respect others, show kindness and a maximum of mercy towards them.

Envious men and rude people, who dream only of their own benefit, chrysoprase will not bring anything good.

In addition, many know about unusual healingproperties of the aforementioned emerald-green mineral. It has a beneficial effect on the heart chakra, musculoskeletal system and hands. The stone helps in the treatment of rheumatism, restores vision, and if you acquire a gold ring with chrysoprase, your immune system will become even stronger.

In this regard, many may notice: "Undoubtedly, a unique chrysoprase stone. Price is what? "The stone itself is inexpensive. For example, for a mineral weighing 0.8 grams and dimensions of 12x8 mm, you will have to pay about three hundred rubles. Much more expensive than its faceting. In addition, wear a stone is recommended solely in silver or gold.