Carnelian is a stone whose magical properties amaze all

Not everyone believes in love magic. However, the magical properties of some semiprecious stones and minerals can bring happiness and establish relations between a man and a woman. One such special talisman

Carnelian Stone Magic Properties
is cornelian. The stone, whose magic properties are primarily aimed at love, is also very well known in the field of medicine. It is worth to learn more about this amazing mineral.

Carnelian is one of the varieties of chalcedony. This stone has a rich orange-red hue. He received it thanks to the large iron content. Carnelian can be of different shades. Also, quite often, veins of a lighter or darker color are visible in it. Carnelian is a stone whose magical properties are often determined by its variety. Mineral yellow color called lenturium. Brown carnelian, giving in brown, received the name sarder. Bright red stones are called carnelian. Carnelian can be completely or half transparent.

The name of the stone is rooted in the ancienttime. Most often they say that "cornelian" means "outwardly like a heart." Hence the belief in the wonderful magic properties of the stone in the field of love. Carnelian fits almost all the signs of the zodiac. He gives good health to his owner, brings good luck in relations with the opposite sex. Negative influence is not noticed.

The Meaning of Carnelian Stone

This mineral can not be considered particularly expensive. It is not so often used in jewelry. The main feature that made known carnelian stone is properties. Photo can not convey all the unusual nature of this mineral. He literally glows from within with soft, calming rays, gives warmth and peace, harmony. Particularly good carnelian for the sign Gemini. He will help these people to awaken hidden hitherto amazing talents and abilities, develop creative veins. This mineral teaches constancy, calms the nervous system.

The very meaning of the carnelian stone speaks of hisfavorable impact on the relationship between the sexes. Particularly well, his help is visible in the case of a zodiac sign called Taurus. Red carneol will give vitality and energy, will allow to live a long and happy life in marriage.

Carnelian stone properties photo
But the Lionesses, who put on an ornament with an insert fromcarnelian, will become much more attractive in the eyes of men. In addition, this stone will strengthen their health. Carnelian is the direct embodiment of the Sun - the main talisman of Lviv.

This stone was especially revered in ancient Egypt. In those days carnelian was considered the personification of Isis - the mother of all the gods. The Egyptians sincerely believed that this mineral is able to protect a person in the afterlife after his death. Therefore, carnelian can often be found in tombs. And the ring with this stone adorned the little finger of the Prophet Muhammad, as one of the legends says. Therefore, this mineral has a very rich history.

Carnelian is a stone whose magical propertiesprevent quarrels and disagreements in the family. In this case, the talisman with an insert from this mineral protects its owner from the influence of love magic. If you wear a pendant or a ring with cornelian, you can not be afraid of a spell. This stone pacifies passions and does not allow to make a serious mistake, protects from adultery. He gives harmony to relationships for many years.

Carnelian is a stone whose magical propertiesrelieve stress, eliminate melancholy, melancholy and depression. This mineral even improves memory and gives the ability to oratory. Carniolus is recommended for people who are irritable and hot-tempered.