Twins. The stone is a talisman. What kind is he?

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Twins. The stone is a talisman. What kind is he? Of the many stones that match the sign of the Zodiac, Gemini is the main thing for Gemini. The mineral supplies the energy of its owner. They say that if you are looking for happiness, a pomegranate helps to find it, provided that the representative of this sign is really in an active search, and not sitting in anticipation. This guard also warns of the danger threatening its owner. The pomegranate tarnishes when it wants to point out to its owner about any destructive energy, whether it's the evil eye or the passions that overflow the Gemini at the moment.

If you wear a pomegranate beadconstantly breaks, then this is also an alarming sign, indicating a negative impact on your address. Do not leave this signal without proper attention. As well as garnet - a symbol of loyalty and devotion. With betrayal of a lover, beads from a pomegranate, donated to them, may crumble or be lost.

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Other talismans for Gemini: chrysoprase, jasper, beryl, rock crystal, carnelian and agate.

Carnelian guarding health and prosperity

Speaking about carnelian, it should be noted that,thanks to its high healing abilities, it fits all the signs of the Zodiac, and Gemini is no exception. The stone-talisman bears them health, wealth, energy and vigor of spirit, prosperity. Wearing this mineral helps to heal infertility, impotence. Will protect the natural guard from witchcraft, from intrigues of enemies. And he also gives his owner a fine mood, reciprocity in love, prosperity in everything, including in business.

Twins. Agate mascot stone

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With throat and dental pain, Geminiwill help agate. Mystical properties of the stone are protected from spoilage and evil eye. You should avoid wearing black agates to people prone to melancholy, because they carry sadness and sadness. But they help to gain material prosperity and firmness of spirit, will power. And the white minerals, like the yellow ones, pacify and soothe the representatives of this passionate sign. Confidence in the future is another gift from agate. Once they believed that only a person of high morality and morality can find agate. And the lamas believe that to drive out evil spirits from the dwelling and the body of a person follows with the help of yellow agate. Wearing a stone on his left hand, the Gemini will get rid of the bad traits of his character. A gray representative of this mineral will provide peace and order, resolve conflict situations, help to avoid deception to honest people.


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This is another stone talisman for Gemini. It has healing properties. When the evil eye and damage, it is recommended to carry the mineral with you everywhere to remove the negative impact. Like a garnet, a change in transparency, i.e. by clouding, warns of imminent danger. Develops intuition, helps to look into the future. As agate and carnelian, refers to a variety of chalcedony. There is no better amulet than chrysoprase for merchants, bankers, as well as all those who deal with large sums of money, is actively seeking new ideas. For those who, according to the zodiac - Gemini, a stone-talisman will add stamina.