What awaits Russia in the future: who is right?

About what the future awaits Russia, says and written a lot. Back in the "dark ages", when the territory of present-day Russia was inhabited by no one

what awaits Russia in the future
known tribes, they have already spoken about it.

The prediction of the monk Ranjo Nero

This visionary believed that in the territoryHyperboreans (in the 14th century Rus were called so), a new faith will arise. It will be based on the worship of Fire and Light. Belief this will spread all over the world, replacing other religions. With Fire and Light, a new bright life will be established on earth. This teaching will disperse the darkness that has ruled people for many centuries. With this, and other visionaries agree. So, the future of Russia Vang connected with the appearance of spiritual enlightenment. World religions will be discredited and fall, and Russia will give the world a new teaching that will be accepted by the entire population of the planet.

what future awaits Russia
Vanga: what awaits Russia in the future

The famous seer repeatedly turned heran inner look in the direction of Rus. It gave the great country a worthy place in the future organization of the world. Vanga foresaw that the current attitude to the planet, spread by the ruling elite, would eventually ruin the world in the third world war. And only the one who will return to the path of natural relations can be saved, turning away from the "golden calf". Only the light of one's own soul can help a person overcome a crisis that will affect everyone without exception. What awaits Russia in the future? The country is recognized as the leader of the world community, because here there will be a different idea of ​​development. Russia will flourish. It will be a very prosperous country, leaving behind the current leaders. Other countries will be drawn to it not because of the economic dominance or pressure from it, but because the path indicated by it will be highly spiritual, will allow developing each individual person.

the future of Russia Vanga
Modern clairvoyant

There is an opinion that the question of what awaits Russiain the future, should be answered in a completely different way. Thus, Dominique Ricardi believes that by 2020 there will be no such country on the world map. According to his forecast, the territory will be divided and will pass under the jurisdiction of the current world leaders. Applicants for the acquisition of these richest spaces, which is understandable, are the United States, China and the European Union. "Delicious pie", which has an honorable mission - to give the world a new life, have already been divided into those who consider the whole earth their own fiefdom. Seriously, these "projections" can only be treated if they are perceived as a threat from those dissatisfied with the history predicted by history. Not all are satisfied with the scenario seen by Nostradamus, confirmed by Vanga, Paracelsus and other well-known predictors.

So what really is waiting for Russia in the future?

Predictions are very optimistic. In addition, the hope is the fact that they are all dated by the near future. That is, until 2040 we will know for sure who is right! If we bring together all the statements about Russia of unbiased visionaries, it turns out that a new faith is already forming in the depths of Siberia. It will take several years, and the world will learn about its basics. And only a year or two separate us from the events that will lead Russia to economic revival. This is not a few centuries. You can just wait, not forgetting to believe that our hopes and aspirations create our own future, and hence the future of power! Do not believe the predictions dictated by greed and misanthropic ideas!