What does it mean if a bat has flown into the apartment?

The expression "the bat flew into the apartment"often used with the word "sign". Mice get into the premises, as a rule, by accident. This usually happens with inexperienced young animals or weakened due to a cold winter. In the summer, it happens that these animals fly into a window or an open window during their pursuit of insects. Therefore, there is nothing terrible and extraordinary in finding them in the dwelling. What if a bat flew into the office or apartment?

the bat flew into the apartment

First, try not to panic - this isthe neighborhood is absolutely safe. These animals are extremely rarely carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to people, and even then a person must be bitten for infection. These little animals in a lot of countries people associate with something terrible, supernatural and incomprehensible, but in the PRC they mean something successful and successful. Bad thoughts about bats are associated with their unpresentable appearance, but they are all wrong. Asian culture has a very developed system of symbols. Bats can symbolize both status, and desire, mood and many other things. These creations are designed not only to have some specific meaning, but also to be aesthetically attractive.

the bat flew into the house

The Chinese have such a sign: the bat flew in - be good. In their language, the name of this animal and the word "luck" sound identical. It is for this reason that pictures with the image of a bat are the main symbol of well-being. Very often they are painted in red - this color means joy and luck. The value in this matter is the nature of the location and the number of animals. So, if the bat has flown into the house where you live, rejoice: soon something very good will happen to you. It is quite common for children to observe their flight, which means waiting for happiness. In China, even released a brand with this story. Five animals in the picture - five benefits: happiness, luck, prosperity, joy and, of course, longevity. Images of how a bat flew into an apartment in Asia can be seen on absolutely different subjects, starting with souvenirs, postcards, finishing with costume jewelery (ornaments), buildings, things - in general, on everything you can draw on. We conclude that the Chinese culture is simply replete with them. Scientists say that these symbols have been many, many thousands of years. They are very popular to this day. Images of five blessings are applied to towels, T-shirts, postcards, mugs and, of course, coins.

the bat flew in

The Chinese suggest that if the apartmenta bat flew in and stayed there, then this is a sign of an early riches. So, if you believe in signs, try to tame it and leave to live with yourself. To trust or not to signs is only your business. Many argue that this is nothing more than an ordinary coincidence. And in some ways they are right, because signs do not always come true. Therefore, once again seeing a black cat, someone bravely goes ahead, while others just in case before this take on a button. After all, unproven is not a fact.