Magnificent ruby. Properties of stone

Ruby is one of the four most expensive stones,used in jewelry business. It is a kind of corundum mineral. By color, it can be dark or bright red, violet-red. Use stone as inserts in a variety of jewelry. Many famous world beauties prefer rubies to other stones.

ruby stone properties

The properties of the stone give it even moreattractiveness. Due to the bright color it is believed that the stone gives vitality to its owner, expels depression and strengthens the heart. Ruby is the stone of power. It is recommended to wear it to people who have a high position in society and influence the destinies of others. If you do not belong to such, then you must wear jewelery with ruby ​​only in exceptional cases.

Ruby is a stone whose magical propertiesvalued back in ancient times. It is a stone of vanity, brilliance and creative return. He is able to take away from man too much energy and cause the desire to be above others. Use for magical practices ruby ​​(the properties of the stone are facilitated) can only an experienced and powerful magician. A pupil can not cope with it.

ruby stone magic properties
The ruby ​​should be purchased on the seventeenth lunar day. Wear it on the index finger. It is better if it is faceted. The stone gives the greatest strength in spring and summer.

Ruby helps with the treatment of psoriasis, increasesblood pressure, chases night fears and supports with nervous exhaustion. It has a tonic effect. Many people used it to treat epilepsy and even plague. Ruby (stone properties described above) is recommended to be worn for anemia, paralysis, inflammation, pain, fractures, asthma, heart failure, spine diseases, rheumatism.

Indian medicine considers the ruby ​​a rough stoneenergy, strength, power. He is associated with the destiny of people who are bright, purposeful. He protects from evil spells, gives strength for future victories, raises the mood and energizes. According to Eliphas Levi, ruby ​​(stone properties are not always treated unambiguously) evokes the desire for greatness. He will lead a noble man to great victories, he will guide the true path. For ordinary people, stone also benefits. Thanks to ruby, they can find love and happiness. In addition, the stone is able to change color, thus warning about the danger.

Every day you can not wear rubiespeople who suffer from blood diseases, since his wearing is associated with blood loss. It is not recommended for people suffering from increased blood pressure. A stone can provoke a hemorrhage in the brain. But those who have low blood pressure, it is useful to wear a ruby.

ruby stone properties zodiac sign

Stone, properties, zodiac sign - all thismust be considered and combined very carefully. What suits one can be dangerous for another. A bright ruby ​​is for fire signs such as Aries, Lion, Sagittarius. He gives them the coveted brilliance, power and helps to achieve the set goals. For Capricorn, Taurus and Dev this stone is undesirable. Although if they have no health problems listed above, they can wear it, but it will be hard to get used to.