Compatibility: female Sagittarius, Scorpio male - nightmare of family relationships

Scorpio, despite all its external strength andrigidity, in fact very injured. And it's pretty easy to offend. A girl-Sagittarius has a sharp tongue, which she should hold back a little, if, of course, she is a man.

Compatibility: female Sagittarius, Scorpio male. Love or passion?

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Fate presents them with a great chance to be together,but only one. Such is their compatibility. Sagittarius and Scorpio-man are very similar, especially with their views on building a family. But there is one "but": they do not tolerate when someone tries to command them. And even in the family, the rights will be the same for everyone, or the union will collapse very quickly. A pair of Scorpio guy + Sagittarius girl is based on complete mutual understanding and respect. She, like mercury, is always mobile and restless. The Sagittarius girl can cheer anyone. However, Scorpio will not remain in debt. He will always support the beloved in the most difficult life situation. They both love life so much that they are ready to drink it to the very bottom. And together with this couple everything will turn out exactly. And although he does not have a special charisma, the Sagittarius girl is simply crazy about him. She does not like to be conquered, rather, on the contrary - the first will always be this beautiful woman.

compatibility Sagittarius and scorpion man

Compatibility: female Sagittarius + male-Scorpio. Marriage between them

Marriage of this couple is not easy to call. They are both leaders, both are accustomed to command, but their understanding of leadership is different. Sagittarius dreams of completely controlling the spiritual world of his lover, but he does not see the need for it. And Scorpio always tries to be the main in the house and in the relationship. These people can not be compatible. A Sagittarius woman + a Scorpio man can not be together. Their relationship will end before they start. Yes, the signs are similar, but that's all that binds this interesting couple. They will never be able to make concessions where necessary. Only a child can make them live without quarrels and scandals. But even here, such a turn of events becomes possible only because both of them in the baby are a continuation of themselves. Mom Sagittarius will be beautiful. She will spend a lot of time to learn everything that is needed for education. She will give her baby all the best, from development to teachers. Scorpio, in turn, is a wonderful father who has a spiritual connection with the child. He will do everything so that the baby has a perfect childhood.

Compatibility: female-Sagittarius, Scorpio Male. Business

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He is an excellent leader, strict andresponsible. She is also a wonderful subordinate, able to do her job perfectly. But there is one "but": it is too hasty, but in business it is not always welcome. But if directed by Sagittarius, then the subordinates will have a very hard time. She is happy to establish relations with employees, but only to determine which of them is able to achieve more than she. And Scorpio is here the first candidate for her warm place. Therefore, they will survive with all their might.

Is friendship possible?

Immediately you can say that no. The friendship of this couple is simply unreal. They are too similar to have even a single topic for conversation. In addition, Scorpio is very impatient and does not like when Sagittarius himself is too beginning to praise.