Magic stones. Aquamarine

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Among the many precious stones there is oneA marvelous stone, embodying the sea, is aquamarine. This term was introduced by the physician-physician of King Rudolf II Boethius de Bott. The word aquamarine is translated as "sea water". Its color varies from sky-blue to blue-green. And despite the fact that all the precious stones are amazingly beautiful, aquamarine has a special charm, if it is possible to apply this term to the stones.

In case the mineral has a dark blue color,then the jewelers are ready to pay a considerable sum for such a copy. Jewelry with this stone recently enjoyed unprecedented demand. It is worth noting that the crown of the British Queen adorns aquamarine weighing 184 g - 920 carats.

The deposits of this mineral are found inall over the world, the most famous are in Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, Burma, the USA and Russia. The largest crystal was found in 1910 at the Marambay mine, which is located in Brazil. The weight of the stone was 110.5 kg. And interestingly, this gem was absolutely suitable for jewelry business.

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Stones: aquamarine, healing properties

All the stones of blue color have a very beneficial effecton the person's eyes, they improve vision and help relieve tension. If you look at aquamarine after a hard day's work, you will immediately feel how tired the eyes are.

Another stone helps to cope with diseaseskidney, pancreas and stomach. If you wear a pendant with aquamarine on your neck, you will never have a sore throat. People suffering from seasickness are advised to wear jewelry with this mineral on a trip. In Tibetan medicine, the aquamarine stone (the photo you see in this article) is used to treat nervous disorders. This stone helps to get rid of fears, to find peace of mind and calmness. People who wear it as an amulet are less prone to spells of depression and depression. Aquamarine is a very powerful biostimulator that helps to preserve and increase vital energy. Also, this mineral is able to increase immunity, which means - to protect from many diseases.

Aquamarine is a stone. Magical properties

Aquamarine protects sailors - it's theirtalisman and amulet. It is believed that the stones (aquamarine, among others) are able to calm the raging storm and pacify the sea. And they also help to win the sea battles.

aquamarine stone magic properties
This stone has the property of changing color independing on illumination. Bright-blue it can only be in clear sunny weather or when the state of mind of its owner is calm. His colors become dull, if a person wearing this mineral is tormented by spiritual torment. Aquamarine strengthens friendship. Also, he is able to help uncover the most insidious and secret designs against his master. The most strongly manifested properties of the stones are framed in a silver frame.

Stones: aquamarine, Zodiac sign compatibility

Aquamarine should be worn by signs relating tothe elements of water: Cancers, Scorpions, Pisces. He also patronizes Aquarius. Taurus and Libra should not wear jewelry with this mineral for several days in a row.