Nacre. Stone and its properties

To know the secrets and properties of gems - anywaythat to go on an interesting journey that will reveal the new sides of these delicious natural minerals. It is known that mother of pearl is a stone, whose name means "mother of pearls". Let's make a cruise to the world of mother-of-pearl and find out what it consists of, what healing and magical properties it possesses. We also learn about its similarity and difference with pearls.

Pearl stone: description and deposits

pearl stone

This gem is an iridescentthe inner surface of mollusk shells. Its palette is multifaceted: white-blue, gray-green, golden-brown with different tides and many other shades. Its composition includes colorless aragonite and conchine, painted in various colors. The same composition has pearls, the only difference is that a plate of calcium carbonate nacre (aragonite) is located vertically, and in the pearl - horizontally.

Experienced specialists extract this stone inJapan on the shores of the Persian Gulf or the Red Sea. It can also be found in the Ceylon, Philippine Islands. Mother of pearl - a stone is incredibly fragile, so it should be processed very carefully, which only professionals can do.

Where did you appreciate mother of pearl?

The beauty of the mineral under consideration is admired withancient times. The ancient Romans valued it highly, identifying it with a sign of wisdom and power. However, this mineral was the most loved in the East. In our country, it became known in the XVIII century. Court jewelers created from it adorable ornaments: pendants, pendants, necklaces and much more. Pearl is a stone that beautifully decorated church utensils, musical instruments, furniture, caskets, mirrors.

Healing properties of the gem

Previously, it was believed that shredded mother of pearlcan save many diseases and prolong life. Today, it is still part of the rejuvenating and whitening creams. This precious stone is able to help people with hearing problems.

mother of pearl stone magic properties

There is an opinion that the mother-of-pearl mascotstrengthens the immune system, adds vitality, removes the negative effects of stress, calms the nervous system and increases the efficiency of the body.

Pearl Stone: Magic Properties

Gem has energy that bringswell-being and prosperity in the house. To do this, you must store jewelry in the mother-of-pearl shell. He is also able to maintain a positive relationship and peace in the family. It is believed that if a person wears pearl jewelry, he will become more confident in himself and protected from evil eye and evil spirits. This gem gives inspiration to people engaged in creativity. If you pour liquid into a container with a bottom of the material in question, after a while it will become healing.

Pearl stone: the sign of the zodiac

mother of pearl stone sign of the zodiac

This delightful gem will suit almost everyonesigns of the zodiac. It is contraindicated only to Gemini. The most effective impact has on Aquarius and Pisces, exacerbating their sixth sense and bringing luck.