Sign of the zodiac Scorpio. Man. Character

zodiac sign scorpion man
What does the Scorpio sign stand for? A man born under this constellation skillfully attracts the opposite sex, but it is difficult to approach him, to unravel the true character is doubly difficult. In appearance Scorpions seem to be calm, adequate and even cold men, but in fact they are extremely expressive and quick-tempered.

What is he, a young man with a zodiac signScorpio? A man who is strong in spirit, powerful and self-sufficient, with an atypical sense of humor and incredible stubbornness, he is ready to do anything to achieve the desired goal. Also, he has no equal in diligence and efficiency. While working with him, it is difficult to find a common language, as the Scorpions like to release sarcastic comments and sarcast. Since childhood, they have shown themselves in companies as leaders, leaders and leaders of the gang. They skillfully attract people.

Personal life. Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio

zodiac sign scorpion male compatibility
A man born under this constellation wishesbe the master of life, the dominant in a relationship with a woman. He does not need a power-hungry and confident girl, his goal is to subordinate. Scorpios often turn out to be tyrants in family life, although the public will never guess the dual character. Scorpio compensates for his quick temper and aggression with care, deep feelings. Also worth noting is the well-developed intuition, which has the sign of the zodiac Scorpio. A man will immediately feel a lie and a falsehood on your part, if you are hiding something. Any relationship should be built on mutual trust and lack of jealousy. If you pretend to be in your feelings for Scorpio, know that your relationship is doomed.

zodiac sign scorpion man
As for the friendly relations, here menshow themselves on the best side. Faithfulness and devotion to a friend for them are above all. They always come to the rescue and support in a difficult moment. Caring for Scorpio and in relation to their children. In relations "leader-subordinate" Scorpio demonstrates himself as an autocratic and even tyrannical boss, the employee himself is responsible and executive.

Sign of the zodiac Scorpio. Man. Compatibility

With other signs of the zodiac in Scorpiosrather complex relationships develop. With representatives of fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius) can be passionate and ardent, but, most likely, a short union. In search of love and marriage Scorpions find solace in Virgins, Capricorns and Pisces. It is difficult to find a relationship with Cancers, Libra and Aquarius.

Sign of the zodiac Scorpio. Man. Characteristic

If we talk in general about the character traitsScorpio, one can not help noticing that all men born under this constellation are twofold. On the one hand, they are passionate and emotional by nature, on the other - too serious and depressive in appearance. Solve the secret and the riddle of Scorpio is not possible to their mate after many years of living together. What is hidden behind the mask of inaccessibility and coldness, this or that Scorpion, it is necessary to learn to each of us personally.