Moonstone - the magical properties of nature

Gems are the treasure chest,which was able to give nature to people. And it really is huge. Diamonds, topazes, agates, rubies, emeralds and, of course, moonstone. It has long been used in magical rituals, was a defender, a shrine. Since then, nothing has changed, because the stones are further associated with something otherworldly: they are afraid, they are favored, admired by them. Over time, moonstone, like many others, began to be used in the clothing of notable people, and in everyday life (for example, in dishes, interior) this was their distinctive sign. But the moonstone, the magical properties of it, were poorly understood. He was feared, he was respected.

Moonstone Magic Properties
Moonstone: magical properties and legend

As a rule, moonstone was realrarity, exclusivity. Real bloody wars were fought for him. Perhaps because of this, people in the Middle Ages associated him with demons. Besides, by his color he attracted not only nobles, but also priests, sorcerers, then magicians, alchemists and those who sought power in the world. What is the legend that "walks" among the people? Moonstone, its magical properties were first described in scrolls from Persia. According to legend, the Serpent (devil) in the Garden of Eden watched Eve. Every night she admired the moon and flowers that were in Eden. Just then, in order to enslave and captivate her, Satan created a moonstone. His magical properties enslaved not only the beautiful Eden, but also the people. The stone was created in order to cause greed in the hearts, and this is a mortal sin. It was also said that the person who is lucky enough to find a pebble, can foresee fate, become clairvoyant. Moonstone, they say in the people, is unusual, because it is during the full moon that it is gaining strength. Mages believed that this night he becomes cold and absorbs all the deadness, all the spirits of the moon. Those who wanted to see fate could put the jewel under their tongue. And then spirits and visions came to them.

moonstone photo
Moonstone: properties of stone in modern times

The emergence of physics and chemistry, as well as moderntechnology has been able to explain some properties of the stone. But still people did not get rid of primitive feelings for jewelry. As a rule, now people say that this stone helps a person to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in life, and couples to strengthen love. This kind of moonlight is recommended for girls who are looking for their lover. This will help to find exactly the path that will lead to it. And those who start a new business, it will help to succeed. Astrologers say that the moonstone is ideal for those who are on the horoscope Cancer: after all, the moon is their element. Also, the moonstone, its magical properties, attracts those who love excitement. It helps to break the jackpot in risky betting and games. And also the jewel strengthens oratory abilities, which can not but delight!

moonstone stone properties
Beauty of the Moon Stone

The moonstone excites and causes a special thrill. His photo is really fascinating. He is not only magical, but also unconditionally beautiful! Each overflow, every facet of the milk stone attracts the eye, and the blue tide causes awe.