Stones of citrine. Magical properties

citrine stones
We will tell today about quartz stones. Citrine - known for a long time, semi-precious mineral. This beautiful stone got its name because of its pleasant yellow, lemon color (citrus - lemon). According to the ancient legend, citrine is a frozen piece of nectar of the gods. In nature it is rare enough (deposits in Brazil, France, the USA, Kazakhstan and the Urals), therefore quartz of the same family (amethyst and smoky quartz) is subjected to heat treatment, in which they change color and become citrine-like. This method was known in Russia during the time of Catherine II, when at court court jewelry from citrine had a high value. Now it is practically impossible to find a real citrine in the market, its true color is amber-honey, whereas false stones give off reddish. It perfectly combines with silver, amethyst, chrysolite and other colored stones. The saturated color gives the widest scope for the imagination of professional jewelers. A fine decoration in the form of beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings is citrine.

A rock. Magical properties

His magical properties are known even with a deepantiquities. It was believed that the stone gave its master special advantages in comparison with other people. In ancient Rome and Greece it was worn by famous philosophers for gaining eloquence and recognition of the public. In the Middle Ages, citrine served as a material for making amulets from danger, from evil spirits and bad thoughts for the night. It was also used for good sleep.

citrine stone magic properties
Indian shamans also widely used thesestones. Citrine in India helped with the treatment of stomach diseases, eliminated pain. As for our days, lithotherapists use this stone for the treatment of speech defects, drug dependence, headaches, vision problems, as well as for raising the tone and improving brain function. The energy at the stone is very strong. To his master he will give a positive and good luck, will help to maintain friendly and family ties. The citrine pendant is best suited for politicians and other public figures, as it will give them eloquence, confidence and persuasion, protect them from evil eye, be a faithful companion on business trips or travels, help a beginning businessman (develops intuition).
citrine stone properties zodiac sign
Sensitive and less confident peoplewill help to find practicality, steadfastness, sanity and composure of lemon-colored stones. Citrine also has a positive effect on the psyche. A noble stone has a good influence on the mechanics of the hands, so it will help jewelers, jugglers, sculptors, carpenters, stone cutters and other people who work with their hands.

What else can you add about the mysterious lemoncitrine - stone, properties. The sign of the zodiac, which is best suited for this semiprecious stone is the Gemini. Also it can be worn by Lions and Virgo. Aquarians can take advantage of the stone in travel for good luck. But Taurus and Scorpio, unfortunately, these stones will not do. Citrine can adjust them to the negative and provoke their uncharacteristic behavior.

Often on sale you can find a glass counterfeit citrine. You can check the product for authenticity by turning it from different angles. The glass stone will not change its color.