Magic Stones: Tiger's Eye

Recently, more and more people are consideringprecious stones not only as ornaments, but also as objects with healing and mystical properties. There is even an unconventional type of recovery - lithotherapy, which uses minerals and their natural properties for healing. Among the medical representatives there are also tiger eye stones, also possessing influential qualities of a magical nature.

tiger's eye stone magic properties
Amulets and amulets

Jewels from this quartz are considered powerfulprotective talismans, charms and protectors of its owner. Experts believe that in the products of this stone there is a strong energy potential and the ability to influence the course of human destiny.

Tiger's Eye - stone, magical properties which is especially manifested in relation to money. He is rightfully considered a guardian for employees of banking, commercial and financial spheres.

Stones of the tiger's eye
Stones of the tiger's eye protect the strong,purposeful, dynamic personalities who have dedicated themselves to some cause in life. He helps them achieve their goals, eliminates unfair partners, protects them from unprofitable deals, directs prospective and profitable businesses, brings good luck.

The tiger's eye is a stone whose propertieshelp active and active people achieve success. He will not "get along" with an inert, passive and lazy person. During wearing, it will seem as if to put pressure on his master, instilling unconscious anxiety and burdens. This ends, as a rule, because the stone "leaves" from the owner, who could not recognize his miraculous properties.

Stones of the tiger's eye free a person from the throes of jealousy, not only in love affairs, but also in professional relationships.

Wards from this quartz keep a person from all kinds oftroubles, scandals, quarrels, attacks of robbers and wild animals. They are recommended to be worn at critical moments of life for a positive outcome of difficult situations.

Also, the tiger eye stones energetically influence the sphere of love, strengthening it and protecting it from treachery and treachery.

Tiger's Eye Stone Properties
Wearing talismans from this stone as a wholecontributes to the development of such qualities as concentration, prudence, sanity, intuition, logic. They protect people who are afraid of ruin and bankruptcy, from material losses.

In ancient Rome, the stone was guarded by legionnaires, who took him on military campaigns. Soldiers strengthened the magical properties of the tiger's eye with symbolic engraving of magical signs.

Jewelery from such a stone is not onlyamulets from dangers, but they are also able to warn of them on a physical level: when a trouble comes, the pendant with such a stone becomes heavier, the beads seem tight, and the ring with the tiger's eye will press on the finger.

Such decorations are considered talismans in people,whose professional vocation is pedagogy. They stimulate professional qualities, eliminate irritability, fatigue, uncaused outbursts of anger and aggression.