The stone of a virgin. Astrological classification

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is a riot of colors innature, an abundant time for harvesting, but unstable and capricious weather, when cold nights are replaced by mild daytime warmth, then the sun is baking in summer, then there is an autumn drizzling cold rain. This is the time when the zodiac month of Dev comes from August 24 to September 23.

Thick and deep, but muted gold paintAutumn really likes Virgo. It is these tones that play a role in the choice of stones. Virgo try to avoid too dark and black flowers, bright shining stones, they also do not like. However, the fiery color of the setting sun, the flames in the stones they like, because they fill the lack of internal fire. What is the stone of Virgo? A lot of them. The selection and color of the talisman stones is influenced by the diversity of the colorful palette of early autumn. Virgo very pedantically relate to this choice. Not magical or healing properties of stones are important for Dev, but how they harmonize with clothes, correspond to the mood and the situation.

The stone of the Virgin is red, orange, yellowAgate, red or pink coral, white or fire opal, transparent rock crystal, jasper, with its variety of colors and patterns, as well as yellow diamond, chrysolite and jade.

Refined taste of the Virgin and the variety of stones,allows you to select them in accordance with the time of year. In summer, the Virgin prefers light transparent stones, in the winter - deep blue and red tones, in the spring and autumn - saturated green and orange hues.

Although Virgo stone-talisman picks up, beforein all, in color and mood, however, the magical properties of the stones also matter. They intensify when the stone falls into the hands of its zodiac owner.

The stone of the Virgin - agate - is a powerful talisman that protects from evil eye, evil forces, envy and spoilage. Agate adds confidence, helps to achieve success in professional activities.

The stone of the Virgin - fire opal - has a smoothbright orange or red color, without overflow and color play. This is a very changeable stone. For a long time it was believed that opals bring misfortune, but they were revered as stones, bringing good luck and happiness. Constantly wearing opal is not recommended, since it has strong magical properties. However, the Devas have nothing to fear. This stone they can bring only happiness and luck. It helps to make new discoveries, contributes to the improvement of mental activity.

The stone of the Virgin Jasper - has a positiveenergy and great healing power. Its color palette includes an infinite variety of shades of the earth, creating complex intertwining of colors and patterns, therefore the stone bears in itself its powerful power and generously shares it with its owner.

Clear and transparent crystals of rock crystalThey are considered conductors of information from another, hidden world. Virgins rock crystal helps in the quest for self-improvement and harmonization of the physical and spiritual, because the desire for permanent personal growth inherent in this sign.

Chrysolite contributes to the development of charm and the attractiveness of Virgos in society. This stone helps them overcome excessive conservatism and categorical.

The magical properties of jade are very suitable for Virgos. After all, this stone has durability, soft silky shine, internal purity and external perfection. It helps to preserve deep feelings and love, to preserve friendship, gives its owner wisdom and fortitude.

Dev's desire to be seemingly flawless helpsthem when choosing stone talismans. Here they rely on their taste, mood and color preferences. A rather large variety of stones belonging to this sign makes it possible to change them often, playing with color and shape.