Orthodox churches of Voronezh: Intercession Cathedral and the Church of St. Nicholas

Voronezh, founded in 1586 has many ancient temples. They formed its image and architecture, becoming an integral part of the city. Initially, the churches of Voronezh were made of wood, which eventually changed into stone cathedrals adorning the city. The founding of the Voronezh diocese marked the beginning of a new Orthodox life of the city belonging to the holy places of Russia.

Orthodox churches of Voronezh

In addition to Orthodox knowledge of God andservices, the church of Voronezh occupy a leading position in the formation of the architectural appearance of the city. They complement its appearance with high-rise buildings, necessary for any city. The churches in Voronezh were built during the 16th-20th centuries. And till now there are stone buildings of churches for a hundred years younger than the city.

The Annunciation Cathedral in Voronezh

Each church in Voronezh is built in its ownan individual image, showing the formation of the architecture of the Holy Rus during the centuries. The clergy took the initiative in preaching not only in the temples, but also bringing the Word of God to secular schools. Most of them, having served decades in the same parish, handed over the case to their sons-in-law and sons, creating dynasties of clergy.

Pokrovsky Cathedral

Pokrovsky Cathedral in Voronezhis considered fundamental in the field. Until the early XX century. It was a standard of classic style, from a number of the most beautiful buildings of the city. It was built in honor of the celebration of the Most Holy Theotokos, established on October 1 (14) and approved in the 12th century in Russia. The date is marked by the vision of the apostle Andrew and his disciple Epiphany the Blessed Virgin, covering with his veil, the people praying at the Blachernaia Church of the Mother of God in Constantinople. The Virgin Mary patronizes Rus, is considered the intercessor of the Russian people and revered by them.

Pokrovsky Cathedral in Voronezh

Erection of the Intercession Church in Voronezh made of woodoccurred, according to the chronicles, at the beginning of the 17th century. According to the need to erect a stone church, with the blessing of St. Mitrofan, in 1736 the construction of a temple erected in several stages, which ended by the end of the 18th century, began.

Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The Church of St. Nicholas in Voronezh
The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is illuminated inThe honor of St. Nicholas, patronizing children, sailors, merchants and travelers. The Wonderworker was nicknamed him by the miracles created by him throughout his life. There are cases of miracles performed by the prayers of believers and after his departure to another world.

Before the construction of St. Nicholas Church in Voronezh inIn vain settlement, at the beginning of the 17th century, the wooden church of St. Dmitri Uglitsky was rebuilt. In it was an icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, revered in Russia. After the fire that occurred here (in 1703), only she survived and the altar cross, transferred to the temple in 1712 from the stone. After 8 years it was lit in honor of Nikolai the Sinner.

In 1940, it was closed down, and during the Second World War it was partially destroyed and on February 5, 1942, it was returned to the church. In 1943 - 1949 the year. it becomes the only one operating in the city.

Many churches in Voronezh hold Divine services, to strengthen the spirit, faith and humility in our controversial, complex and complete contradictions time.