Amethyst. Sign of the zodiac, magic of the natural stone

Amethyst - a unique semi-precious stonewisdom, belonging to the most expensive category of quartz. He was appreciated by almost all nations. He was always closely associated with the church: its servants wore amethyst rings and considered it sacred.

Amethyst: stone, properties, zodiac sign

amethyst stone properties zodiac sign

The word comes from the Greek language and means"Not drunk." For this reason, the stone was considered an amulet for intoxication. But there is a second version of the appearance. It is assumed that the name arose from the name of the nymph Ametis, who chose to petrify, than to submit to Bahus - the spirit of loose life and drunkenness. Agree, both of these assumptions have similarities. It is believed that this gem helps resist temptation, protects against evil spirits and brings luck. Amethyst expresses sincerity, purity of heart and tranquility.

The stone is hard, has a pearly luster. The color is purple, but its shades have many faces (pale violet, red-violet, blue-pink, dark purple) and can vary depending on the lighting.

Gem fits the following zodiac signs: Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn, Fish. Representatives of these signs will feel a special craving for jewelry made from this stone - they will not even want to remove them. Such interaction fills the owner with favorable energy.

amethyst zodiac sign
Amethyst: Zodiac sign Taurus. The shade of a semi-precious stone is dark. It is a good remedy against stress and fears hidden in the soul of a person.

Amethyst: Aquarius zodiac sign. Blue-purple gem, products from which help prevent family conflicts, protect against unrequited or unhappy love.

Amethyst: Capricorn zodiac sign. The color is light, translucent. Such a jewel will give confidence and help those who are preparing for responsible matters that require care.

Amethyst: Pisces zodiac sign. It has a spectacular shade, changing. It goes well with chrysolite. If amethyst jewelry gives a fan to his girlfriend, then their feelings will be mutual and strong.

A wonderful gift is a semiprecious decoration of amethyst. Stone (zodiac sign should be considered) is suitable for both women and men. It is combined with any metals, gold, silver.

Magic properties of a stone

amethyst stone zodiac sign

Previously, amethyst was taken by warriors going tobattle. He gave them courage in battle and helped win. Our ancestors also gave amethyst rings to their loved ones in order to protect them from evil and make their life prosperous. It was also believed that if the landowner would water the plants with water into which this amazing stone was immersed for a short time, the fruits would be resistant to diseases and the effects of pests. In eastern countries, amethyst products were placed in the center of the bedroom for the night - by their influence the gem drove away negative thoughts and nightmare dreams. In Russia, it was customary to pass amethyst beads from generation to generation (through the female line).

It is believed that amethyst makes the aura brighter and improves the work of intuition. With this stone, meditations are successfully conducted, because it helps to completely relax and find peace.