Fertility - what is it? What is the fertility of the soil?

Everyone who is directly or indirectly familiar with thenature, the concept of "fertility" is familiar. What is a productive land, not by hearsay gardeners and gardeners. First of all, it is the ability of the soil to satisfy the needs of vegetation in moisture and nutrients.

What determines fertility?

This factor determines the intensity of the solarlighting and thermal energy. Both direct and indirect conditions affect fertility. What is the influence of factors? Direct are the conditions under which water reserves, environmental reactions, the amount and form of the necessary trace elements contribute to the accumulation of nutrients. What is the fertility of the soil that has arisen under indirect conditions? This is the state of the soil, which was affected by the quantitative effects of microorganisms, as well as the processing of fertilizers. Direct and indirect conditions have a close relationship, having a direct impact on yields.

It must be remembered that any factor inIndividuality can directly affect fertility. What is a drought, many know. This is an example of how only one condition - a lack of water - has a direct effect on the crop, slowing down the growth of plants or completely destroying them. There is also an optimal effect of the plant life factor. In this case, there is good growth and yield. In case of excessive exposure, for example, prolonged showers or excessive fertilization of the soil, toxicosis occurs, resulting in a significant decrease in yield.

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Influence of climatic zones

Nevertheless, in most cases,Determining the state of the soil, are involved in the aggregate, ensuring optimal fertility. What is the soil-climatic conditions, almost everyone knows. They determine fertility. For example, in the tundra zone low temperature and waterlogging of the ground prevail, as a result of which the limiting conditions are created. The forest zone is characterized by insufficient moisture and acidity of soils. The latter is explained by the excess content of such a substance as sodium chlorine. Sandy soils are characterized by a lack of moisture and nutrients, and heavy-grained soils - low aeration and high soil density.

Thus, fertility is affected by various conditions associated with soil-forming factors.

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What is fertility? The definition of this concept implies the properties of the soil, which were formed under the influence of the natural course of soil-forming processes. They are not very changeable over time, but are the determining condition for the formation of soil type. There are such types of soil fertility as natural, potential, artificial, effective, effective.

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The existence of such a phenomenon aspotential fertility. What is the gross reserve of batteries in the soil? This is a collection of nutrients that are not only available, but also inaccessible form. They form the potential of valuable elements for the existence of plants. In this regard, the more fully the soil reserves are used, the higher will be its fertility.