Carrots: planting and caring for vegetables

Carrots are one of the most loved, traditionalon our table of vegetables. At each dacha, owners try to grow a beautiful, healthy and large carrot, but, alas, this does not always work. Why? Carrots, planting and caring for her does not require special skills, but requires knowledge and skills.

carrot planting and care
Preparing the seeds for planting

It is easiest to buy seeds in stores. Seeds multiply carrots. In packages they are already processed and ready for planting in the soil, but if you are not sure about the manufacturer or, for example, plant your own seeds, then they need additional processing. What is this for? Carrots, planting and caring for her, her growth and the result is possible only if the seeds are healthy. By treating them, you thereby reduce the risk of diseases, which increases growth and fertility. So, the seeds of carrots are poured into a pouch (it is better from linen, but it is possible and ordinary matter) and grind. After this, together, the bag must be lowered into a container with hot water (50-70 degrees). Top should be covered with a lid and left for twenty minutes. Next, at the same time, you need to place the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate (pinkish shade). Do not remove the seeds from the bag, but rinse them under running water. After the procedures you need to put them in a warm place, dry and mix with calcined sand.

Choose a place

For good fertility it is necessary to findA place where not only a lot of sun, but also where there is good air permeability. Humidity is moderate; the soil is loose and sandy loamy. Try to plant carrots away from water, and also avoid clay soil. If the land is not suitable, you can sprinkle it. For example, form a garden bed and fill it with a mixture of sand, leaf land and peat. Avoid places to plant, which were previously spiced with manure. Gardeners recommend sowing carrots after greens, cucumbers, potatoes or beans. It is undesirable to plant on the place where the salad was sown, since one can encounter a disease of white rot.

seeds multiply
Sow carrots

Very much this tasty vegetable is carrots. Planting and caring for her are not difficult. After you have chosen a place, you need to decide on the time. There are late and early varieties. Accordingly, they must be sown in the allotted time for this. Winter varieties are planted in autumn, and medium varieties are sown in the spring. Thus, you will save carrots from the environment and pests. Good onions for carrots are onions, garlic, chives, sage, coriander. These products will protect against parasites. Before planting, it is necessary to make grooves (5 cm in depth) at a distance of twenty centimeters between each other. If the soil is wet, then do not water it before planting. After that, in a row, sow carrots, fill up the loosened ground.

carrot seeds

Carrots are not too choosy about caring. Planting and caring for it requires only timely thinning (4-5 cm between fruits) and watering. Weed out the weeds in time, fertilize the carrots with wood ash. Take care that the soil does not dry out, but it is not too wet. So, you will grow a wonderful root crop, which will delight you with your taste all winter long!