Biopreparat "Shine", fertilizer for potatoes: reviews

Dacha and truck farmers use biofertilizers and microbiological preparations not only to maintain soil fertility, but also to quickly restore it.

Beneficial features

"Radiance" is a fertilizer that can be used at any time of the year. You can use it in several ways:

  1. Fermentation of waste vegetable food in winter.
  2. Preparation of soil for seedlings.
  3. Fast preparation of compost.
  4. The introduction of spring fertilizer.
  5. Root top dressing of plants.
  6. Autumn fertilization of the soil.

radiance fertilizer

"Radiance" is a fertilizer that can makesoil is darker and friable. You will notice that during the watering of even the driest earth, all the water will go to the soil, rather than spread out. Soil will accumulate such useful for plants humus, and the amount of weeds, on the contrary, will decrease. In addition, plants will be less affected by bacteria, and much more fruits will begin to be tied.


Depending on the composition and condition of the soil, itsthe structure can improve both in a few weeks, and in two or three years. This is also affected by processing methods, the use of fertilizers, weather conditions and water regime.

Biopreparation "Shine", thanks to uniquemicrobiological research, positively affects the productivity and fertility of the soil. And this allows you to stop using pesticides and mineral fertilizers. This tool has been used for a long time, since it is the least expensive and effective.

Safety of drugs

Microorganisms are small people whopersecute a person throughout life. At the same time, the greatest number is in the soil. Such microorganisms are both good and bad. "Shine" is a fertilizer containing only good microorganisms. This preparation contains such forms of life, which in the course of their vital activity improve the soil and protect the crop plants from all sorts of diseases. Such forms of microorganisms were obtained directly from the soil and did not yield to any genetic manipulation.

gardeners and truck farmers

Dachnikov and truck farmers use fertilizer"Shine", as they know that this drug contains several dozens of useful microorganisms. Without such forms of life, it is impossible to restore and accumulate humus, and also to increase the yield of vegetable and fruit crops.


This concentrate is used for watering and fertilizing plants, applying fertilizer to the soil in spring and autumn, and accelerating the ripening of the compost.

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In the package there are six packets of the drug,weighing five grams each. The contents of one sachet are diluted with half a liter of water. Store this solution in a dark place, no more than two weeks. This period is the most optimal for the use of the prepared mixture. After this time, all useful properties are lost. To water and spray plants, it is enough to dilute one spoon of the prepared solution in ten liters of water. Do this once a week.

And for spring and autumn tillage, 100 g of liquid diluted in ten liters of water will be enough.

For every meter of square soil you needuse about five liters of finished working solution. One package of the drug is enough for a very large area of ​​the garden and garden, so the tool is considered quite economical.


This fertilizer has the form of a substrate, and is used for fertilizing indoor plants, root dressings, processing potatoes before planting and preparing the soil for seedlings.

biopreparation shine

"Radiance" is a fertilizer, perfectly suitable forsoil for seedlings. Add half a cup of the drug to the bucket of soil. Mix the soil mixture well and moisten it with water. Carefully pack the primer in a plastic bag, letting air out before it, and put it in a dark place for three weeks. Only after this period you can plant seedlings.

The biopreparation "Shining-2" is irreplaceable for top dressinghouse plants and seedlings. Sprinkle the fertilizer on the soil surface in the pot, add a little soil and sprinkle with water from the sprayer. If a white coating appears on the surface of the soil, thoroughly loosen the top layer of the soil and pour it over with water. The amount of fertilizer applied depends on the size of your container or pot. For a small capacity, up to one gram of the drug will suffice. But for a pot in the amount of fifteen to twenty liters, add three to four grams of fertilizer.

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For seedlings planted in the open ground, it will be enough three to four grams per plant. In this case, the drug is scattered around it, and sprinkled with a small amount of soil on top.

Fertilizer "Shine" (reviews of gardeners confirmthis) gives the highest results in terms of crop yields only if it is introduced into the soil together with organic residues. Bacteria produce humus from siderates, compost and biohumus.


This drug is used to make herbal infusions, compost and create "warm" beds.

In order to cook thirty litersherbal infusion, fill the third part of your tank with grass and unnecessary weeds. Add a glass of jam or sugar, one liter of manure or manure, one third of a glass of chalk, one and a half cups of wood ash and a bundle of fertilizers. Pour this mixture with standing water at room temperature and mix well. Cover the container with a film, and sometimes mix it. Give the prepared mixture to infuse for ten days, after which you can safely use it. However, note that all the useful properties of the prepared solution will persist for up to a month.

Such fertilizer can be used to treat the soil in autumnperiod. Sprinkle the soil for five to seven centimeters, add organic residues and pour the herbal infusion. Before watering, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:10. Five liters of a mixture will be enough for one square meter.

Biological preparations "Shine" is a great wayfertilize the soil and make the soil more fertile. If you are looking for an inexpensive but very effective tool, pay attention to it. Comments gardeners and truck farmers confirm the effectiveness of the drug.