School of Natural Agriculture - the future of the land

Agriculture is many centuries old. Earth to this day fully provides people with everything necessary. Today, it needs a lot to restore strength, natural fertility. To provide the right help, you need to constantly replenish knowledge. This can be helped only by the school of natural farming.

Conditions of Land Fertility

Good development of plants, their normalThe vital activity depends on the fertility of the soil. There are many rules for increasing the ability of the earth to yield a good harvest, to remain useful to all living organisms and microorganisms. For land are important:

  • Good water balance.
  • Providing soil with oxygen.
  • Full complex of nutrients.
  • Acid index of soil.

To ensure all the conditions of fertility, notto inflict heavy wounds on the ground, for every person who uses it, there is a possibility of a competent approach to work on it, it is a school of natural farming.

school of natural farming

Representatives of the school use all modernmethods of teaching farmers, gardeners, florists of the right agronomy. For this school the main thing is to teach the toilers of the earth not only to get a good harvest. The main goal is to preserve the fertility of the land.

Agrotechnics for restoration of soil fertility

Dacha and private plots of a private house are small scales for farming. However, to create all the conditions for obtaining a rich harvest, modern trends in gardening and gardening allow.

Experience shows that even such small areas of the earth have a beggarly supply of nutrients, a poor balance of moisture and oxygen.

In many ways, the school of natural farming is helping to solve complex problems of improving the health of the earth.

As is known, the experience of agriculture has in the arsenal three ways to improve the state of the soil:

  • The use of organic components, which include: compost, humus, peat, sawdust.
  • The introduction of fertilizers into the soil, the basis of whichare chemical substances. The agricultural market provides a large assortment of chemical fertilizers to farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs.
  • A mixed method that combines the use of chemical fertilizers with an organic structure.

The school of natural farming constantly reminds,that when making a way to improve the condition of the land intended for planting garden and garden crops, one must remember: the soil is a living structure that contains a huge number of microorganisms, all kinds of bacteria, fungi. In the soil, which has a good structure, earthworms always work. If bacteria, fungi and microorganisms represent the external state of the soil, they are invisible to the eye, then the worms with their work show that, together with inconspicuous helpers, they process organic matter in beds, turning it into humus, a substance that gives the roots the necessary nutritional composition.

school of natural farming is your fertility

Autumn or spring digging disturbsthe life cycle established by nature in the earth. Therefore, before you deal with the design of beds with a shovel in your hands, it is better to think that fertilizing the soil with a layer of humus will give a greater effect to the planted garden and garden crops.

The school of natural farming will help to carry out competent soil cultivation, ensure proper care for planting, get a good harvest and increase the fertility of the soil on the site.

Organic Aid

Looking at the thick meadows, overgrown with motley grass,forests where the human foot has never set foot, it can be understood that human intervention in their lives is not always beneficial. In these places, no one ever cleaned the fallen leaves, the branches that were broken by the wind. In the meadows, dry grass was never destroyed. Nevertheless, their rich appearance does not cease to please a person.

This is the basis and popular since recent timesamong gardeners, gardeners a new type of beds. The school of natural farming "Your Fertility" tells about them. Your harvest depends largely on how to take advice and instructions.

Construction of a warm garden bed

The scheme of growing garden and garden crops is very simple, but still helps to use the surrounding garbage, turning it into a useful addition to the warm beds.

school of natural farming your fertility device warm beds

The very construction of a warm bed helps to create cleanliness and order on the site, without attracting garbage trucks, without wasting precious time for a global cleaning of the plantation.

A warm patch can be formed in a pit orbox on the surface of the earth. At the bottom you need to lay thick boards, tree trunks, branches. The next layer will be leaves, small debris, foliage, remains of weeds.

School of natural farming "Your fertility" the device of warm beds advises to begin in warm autumn days.

Large rubbish is a furnace that will decompose and will warm the garden for several years. Simultaneously, this drainage, letting excess moisture into the depths.

When laying a warm patch, you need to be careful, avoid laying contaminated debris in its layers.