Rashes in the child all over the body. What to do?

The reasons for the appearance of rashes in children are many, try to list the main of them and understand what it is related to and how to behave to parents.


rash in the child all over the body
The most common cause of rash isa child all over the body appears, is considered an allergic reaction. Most often it occurs for food. Of course, there are children who have become allergic even in early childhood, and parents are aware of what their children can not eat and how to act in such a situation. And what to do in the event that before the baby was absolutely healthy, but suddenly became covered with a rash? We need to understand what foods have appeared in the baby's diet. Most often, allergies are caused by exotic fruits, seafood and vegetables. And you can cook the usual dish in a different way, adding a new ingredient in it or overdo it with spices. Ask the child what he ate. Pocket money for children satisfies their desire to eat chips, and then grab it with a tangerine. Or maybe a bottle of soda and a kilogram of chocolates, eaten with friends, give such a reaction?

Distribute for rash allergies in a child bythe whole body or at some particular place can very quickly. The stains may be irregular in shape, they can merge together and strongly itch. The child himself can be either too excited or lethargic. But in most cases the condition remains the same, only the baby starts to itch.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet unsuitablebody products and give sorbents. "Smecta", activated charcoal, "Filtrum" or "Zosterin-ultra" will remove the allergen from the body. Obligatory and antiallergic drugs, such as Suprastin. The skin can be anointed with "Fastum-gel" to relieve itching. And best of all - go to a dermatologist or pediatrician.

Allergy can cause a detergent or conditioner. In this case, the rash covers only the places of contact with the allergen.


A child's rash all over the body can appear in thethe result of an infection such as chicken pox. Preceding rashes are malaise and other signs of a cold. Initially, only 3-4 spots are observed. However, every day there are new ones, and the old ones turn into a papule (tubercle), then into a vial that bursts and dries, leaving a crust. After 15 days the last crust disappears. All this time the disease remains contagious. When smallpox spreads a rash in the child throughout the body, including the skin of the hair, eyes, mouth, genitals. The itch is quite strong, so you can use Zodex or Suprastin.

the baby has a rash all over his body


This disease accompanies the rash in a child bythe whole body, but more of it is observed on the face, back and chest. These are small pale pink, identical in size spots. The rash disappears in four days. With rubella, occipital lymph nodes increase, a small fever may rise, appetite may worsen. It usually passes the disease on its own and without consequences. Children in one year are recommended to get vaccinated against rubella.

Scarlet fever

Rash throughout the body in the child appears and whenscarlet fever. First there are symptoms of a severe cold: high fever, sore throat, sore throat. The tongue becomes covered with a white bloom, then it becomes very red. The rash is small-pointed, pink. There is pallor around the mouth. The disease is fraught with complications, requires monitoring the doctor and taking antibiotics.

rash all over the body in a child

Coryza, cough, fever and conjunctivitis -initial signs of measles. On the fifth day on the face and chest begins to appear rash. Then the rash passes to the trunk, even later - to the limbs. Now the disease is rare, at the age of one year, children are vaccinated against measles.

These are only a few diseases accompanied by a rash. In fact, there are many more. Therefore, it is not necessary to determine their nature and cause independently. It will be safer to invite a doctor. And be healthy!