When to register for pregnancy?

Every woman, having learned about her pregnancy,experiencing a variety of feelings. Someone is very happy, someone is not very. But any pregnant woman is interested in a lot of different questions about her condition. What can I do, and what can not, how to change my lifestyle, do I need to go to a doctor? One of the important moments is a trip to the women's consultation. When to register for pregnancy? To run to the hospital, hardly having learned about the accomplished miracle, or to postpone visit at later terms?

Some future mothers do not rush into the women'sconsultation, motivating it with unwillingness to undergo examinations and take tests. But, as in this case, you can be sure that everything is in order with your baby, does it grow and develop normally? A lot of problems with pregnancy arise precisely because the future mother nevovremya asked for medical help.

Do not delay the visit to the doctor. But you do not need to hurry too much. So when do you need to register for pregnancy? According to the recommendations of gynecologists, the optimal period is from 9 to 12 weeks. This is the time when the fetus is already clearly visible on the first ultrasound, the uterus is enlarged, and the gynecologist with vaginal examination will be able to confirm the "interesting position".

At the first visit to the women's consultation doctorwill issue for you an individual card of the pregnant woman, in which all changes in your body will be recorded. You will have to pass some tests and undergo examination on a gynecological chair. All this is necessary in order to make sure that the mother and baby are all right, that the pregnancy is proceeding and developing normally.

If you are ill from the first days of menstruationyou feel yourself, noticed unusual pains or discharge, then the question of when to register for pregnancy disappears by itself. It is necessary to immediately see the doctor.

The cause of poor health may be a threatmiscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and also some other pathologies. In this case, it is very fast to decide on what term to register for pregnancy. Do not wait for 9 weeks, go to the hospital as early as possible. The doctor will establish a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

In most cases, the question of going to the doctorinterested in many future mothers. This is widely discussed between the "pregnant" and "non-pregnant" friends, given valuable advice and recommendations. Of course, nobody wants every month, and even more often, to undergo examinations, take tests, see a doctor, especially if you feel nauseous or have a big stomach. But, every future mother should realize that she is doing this for the benefit of herself and her unborn child.

Women's counseling and registrationinvented solely for the purpose of caring for the fetus and the pregnant woman. The attending physician will become both an assistant and curator for you, answer the questions of interest, and closely monitor changes that occur in the body. Therefore, thinking about when to register for pregnancy, be guided by the care of the baby. And do not neglect the recommended terms.

Be prepared for the fact that when you first visitconsultations will be asked many questions: the date of the last menstruation, chronic illnesses, well-being, the number of previous pregnancies or childbirth. Believe me, this is very important for a doctor. Just so the picture of your pregnancy will be complete.

You can register at any polyclinic. And not necessarily in the place of residence. You can apply for medical supervision at your place of residence in the state polyclinic or private medical institution.

If you have already decided when to register for pregnancy, do not delay this event. Take care of the health of the little native man who lives in your heart!