Closing of the camp shift: a holiday scenario

Coming to the end of June? Closure of the camp shift is approaching at school. The scenario of the event is carefully developed by teachers and counselors.

On this festive day, children and adults andfun, and a little sad. This is not surprising. For a whole month they lived as a united family. And now came the gloomy time - the closing of the camp shift. The script includes both cheerful and sad notes. So, it's worth talking about this in more detail.

Closing of the camp shift: the script begins with poems

How to start the program?As a rule, poems are used for this. Choose exactly what will sound best at such a solemn event as the closing of the camp shift. The scenario assumes the meeting of the children with the following poems:

"Summer is sonorous, hello!

We've been waiting for you!

How long we warmly

with the sun called!

Let's shout now "hurray!",

Hello, hot time!

Songs will pour,

And the children have fun! ".


"Summer is what?

It's a lot of light.

In the summer, where do we go?

Where does the road lead?

This is a quick river,

These are our clouds,

These are bright flowers,

All that you want so much! ".

closing camp change of script

Interesting characters

What else can be a closurecamp shift? The script can be very original. It will be quite interesting if you connect a variety of well-known heroes to the program. However, not necessarily. Enough of just unusual characters. For example, behind the scene there is a noise and screams. The host wonders what happened. In front of the audience there are aliens. One of them has a shovel in his hands. They are trying to find something, dig it out. It turns out that this is a treasure. But they can not do anything. They make a decision - "torture" the guys. Guessing various riddles. You can divide the children into teams. Once all the riddles are solved - a treasure is found. Satisfied aliens celebrate the closure of the camp together with the guys.

the scenario of closing the camp shift in a school camp

Singing songs

Scenario of closing the camp shift in the schoolThe camp assumes various entertainments. Of course, children, like at any solemn event, sing songs. You can sing something famous, traditional (for example, "Bend the guitar yellow"). And you can sing a song of your own. Here is an example:

"We said goodbye today,

We will miss you very much.

But for now we are starting

Songs to sing and dance.

We had a great rest,

Got strength and intelligence,

Have fun, had fun,

Have not been bored ever.

We were fed very tasty -

Thank you to the cooks!

Circus, theater, sports and books,

Constant noise and din.

Unfortunately, this time

Flew, so be it.

This camp, we know for sure,

Never forget us! ".

Well, or something similar - optimistic, funny, winding. By the way, many schools have their own anthem. This option will also be an excellent end to the camp shift.

closing camp camp in camp scenario

About friendship

Of course, one should not forget about important things in lifeeach person values. They must be mentioned at such a solemn event as the closing of the camp shift. In the camp, the script includes puzzles, poems, songs about friendship. After all, all these children for a given period of friends, well know each other, managed to face different problems - sometimes quite difficult.

This topic can be played absolutely differently.For example, the "treasure", which is sought by aliens at the beginning of the event, can just be friendship. Learn about what it is about it, you can by performing various tasks. For example, put the letters "d", "p", "y", "g", "b", "a" in the balloons. Blasting the balls and finding the letters, the guys should collect a word from them. Complete the assignment can be a contest for the knowledge of proverbs and sayings about friendship.

closing of the camp change of the concert scenario

The word to the camp director

Well, in conclusion, we ask the question:"What can be done to complete the closure of the camp shift?". The script of the concert, as a rule, ends with the speech of the director. He always gives the students a parting word, wants a good holiday on the summer holidays, thanks for the friendly, done work, a united team.

the scenario of closing the camp shift in the summer camp

Children, in turn, can thankDirector (and all educators, cooks, technicians). It can be the final words in prose or verse. The best way is to compose them yourself. Example:

"We are closing our holiday,

We are sorry to say goodbye.

We will spend each other with you,

Counting counting.

We are waiting for fun - it's time!

Fruit-berries are two!

The sun, the sea - it's three!

Life is beautiful, look!

And be with friends in the world -

It's already four!

Never be discouraged -

Desire number five!

Games and jokes so as not to be considered -

Let's say "six"!

That's all our tasks,

And today: "Good-bye!".

Goals, objectives, results

Scenario closing camp camp in the summer camp- this is not just a thoughtful celebration. First, it has its own tasks and objectives. The holiday should give children the opportunity to show their emotional attitude to the last change. The guys can feel the involvement in the events that took place in the life of the camp.


Let's consider one more variant of the concert program. To do this, each unit should prepare an interesting creative number, which, perhaps, they already performed during the shift.

The concert begins with the sounds of the sea and the cry of seagulls.Next, a pirate with a telescope appears. Looking at her, he rejoices that he sees the earth. After that, a friend joins him. The guys begin to roll the squads. Each unit is a separate "ship" with its name.

And then the old captain comes out.He greets the guys and awards medals to those detachments that managed to make a special difference during the camp shift. However, before giving awards, it is just worth looking at the numbers prepared by the children. The captain leaves at the end of the last squad's performance. But he leaves the treasure chest. But there is absolutely nothing in it except a letter. In the paper it is written that in the world there are many things that are much more important than gold. It is mutual assistance, health, love and friendship. Eternal treasures, which children could buy for a month of "swimming" in the school camp. On this optimistic note, the holiday ends.

Summing up

So, the scenario of closing the camp-schoolchange should be carefully considered by the organizers. Form a sense of teamwork, teach children to communicate with each other, rejoice at the successes and achievements of surrounding people. Develop the creative abilities of children, their ability to listen. The camp also helps to cultivate a respectful attitude towards each other, instill a love for school, for knowledge.

In general, parting with educators and friendsoccurs in a very warm, friendly atmosphere. Two more months of summer are ahead. The guys will have fun and interesting to spend their free time. However, the past period, they definitely will not be able to forget. Together with their school friends, children managed to survive a lot of interesting exciting adventures. Games, fun tasks, excursions - children are very fun to relax in the school camp. And parents are much easier! In a word, having sent the crumb to the camp at the school, you will not regret in any way!