Spandex - a fabric with unique properties

Spandex is nothing more than a synthetic light fiber. Use it in the manufacture of clothing. The main feature of sewing with its application of things is their ability to stretch.

The history and appearance of spandex

The first use of this synthetic fiber began in the fifties of the last century. It was designed to replace rubber. Gradually, new spheres of application were found for this tissue.

The spandex fabric (see photo below) is a synthetic polymer in its structure.

spandex fabric

The fibers of this material are a long chain of polyglycol, combined with diisocyanate. At the same time in the synthetic polymer, eighty-five percent of polyurethane.

Properties of synthetic fibers

Extremely elastic spandex.The fabric, consisting of its fibers, is stretched to five hundred percent of its length. This elasticity is due to the chemical composition of the material. It consists of numerous polymer filaments of two kinds. The first is amorphous and long. Threads of the second type are rigid and short. All these properties and displays spandex. The fabric created from it, differs high durability and well extends.

Main characteristics of the spandex material

Fabric created from synthetic polymericthreads, can be stretched more than once. In doing so, it will always return its original shape and size. Spandex, the fabric of which is smooth and soft, easily dyed. The color on the material is preserved for a long time. The fabric of spandex fibers does not react to human sweating. Its distinctive feature is the fact that it is not heated. Spandex is perfectly combined with a variety of materials. This allows you to produce new types of fabrics.

fabric spandex photo
Seldom found material consisting of one hundredpercent of spandex. Typically, this polymer fiber is added to cotton, linen or synthetic materials. Spandex gives them stretchability and great strength.

The fabrics, in which the syntheticpolymer fiber, easy to care for. They almost do not crumple and are ironed well. Some manufacturers, who call their fabric spandex, exaggerate. In the composition of such materials there is only a certain percentage of this synthetic fiber. However, this allows several times to increase the consumer properties of the tissue.

There are materials entirely made up of yarnsspandex. To determine such materials for the purpose of proper care, it is necessary to carefully study the label. The fabric, consisting entirely of spandex fibers, resembles soft rubber in its properties. This material does not crumple, but the body fits like a second skin.

Why use spandex?

Lightweight and elastic fabric is used for sewing different clothes. As a rule, these are things that should not restrict the movement of its owner.

spandex fabric price

For example, a tracksuit.This fabric is used when sewing swimsuits, bicycle pants, underwear, bras and stockings. Masquerade costumes are also often made of material such as spandex. Fabric, whose price is within 135 rubles per square meter, is purchased, as a rule, at wholesale warehouses.