Miracle fiber is nylon. Fabric made of "synthetic silk"

The textile industry has been constantly working on thequality, quantity and functionality of tissues. Improving their performance and obtaining synthetic polyamide fibers has become a kind of revolution in this area. So, in the 30s of the XX century in America, W. Carothers, the chief chemist of the company "DuPont", for the first time, synthesized a 66-monopolymer, resulting in a synthetic polyamide-nylon. The fabric was reasonably called "synthetic silk". It perfectly imitates Natural fabrics, has high strength, elasticity and wear resistance.

Nylon fabric
Following nylon appear lycra, polyester andother similar fibers. The era of active use of synthetic materials began. In 1939 DuPont company opened the first factory engaged in the production of yarn and fabric from polyamide-6,6. After 1940 in Italy and the United Kingdom also began to develop enterprises that produce nylon. The fabric was originally used for the manufacture of parachutes, fishing nets, and then became widely used in the manufacture of certain types of clothing.

A huge stir caused a miracle fiber, for the first timepresented in 1940 at the World New York exhibition in the form of a stocking of nylon. On the first day of their appearance in America, over 72,000 pairs were sold. Millions of women appreciated the amazing novelty, not going to unsightly wrinkles and wrinkles. Her owners received a lot of new emotions, which gave them a new cloth. 100% nylon beautifully fit his leg and left a pleasant feeling. Unprecedented popularity and demand have risen to an incredible extent, which radically changed the further development of the hosiery industry.

Fabric 100 nylon
Threads made of polyamide-6,6 steel are widely used inproduction of technical products and textile industry. This polyamide synthetic fiber, being durable, elastic, antistatic, bending-resistant, abrasion resistant and exposed to most chemical reagents, is currently used in every home. The importance of the invention of nylon was highly appreciated all over the world, it was called one of the significant scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

Of all polyamide fibers, the mostwidespread and expensive is considered nylon. The fabric, the properties of which are laid in the process of its production at the molecular level, can be easily colored, allowing to create an incredible range of colors. This polyamide can be used as one of the components of the product or in its pure form.

Nylon fabric properties
To date, it is difficult to imagine thewhich nylon does not apply. The fabric is used for the production of knitwear, sports accessories and clothing, jackets, bathing suits, home textiles. Manufacturers widely use nylon as a material for the manufacture of umbrellas, bags, organizers, military uniforms, bulletproof vests, parachutes, life jackets.

This polyamide has been widely used inthe production of carpets for various premises, regardless of their functionality. Its properties such as elasticity and fracture toughness make it possible to use it for the production of a coating with cut pile. To improve performance, in particular antistatic properties and ease of maintenance, the fiber is treated with special chemical compounds.

One of the most used materials in the worldis nylon. Fabric due to its excellent properties has gained immense popularity. It does not crumple, it is easy to clean and maintain its appearance for a long time.