Audit-Related Services

In addition to the main activities, audit organizations provide their clients with additional services, called "audit-related services". The list of them is quite extensive and includes:

  • maintaining and restoring the accounting system in the enterprise;
  • consulting in the field of taxation;
  • providing advice in the field of financial support for an individual entrepreneur;
  • rendering feasible support and assistance during the restructuring of organizations;
  • audit firms are entitled to give advice and recommendations regarding the legal responsibility of the economic entity;
  • audit services are verification activitiescorrectness of filling and calculation of all financial documentation, as well as identification of compliance of the consolidated balance of the available interim accounts. According to this definition, it can be concluded that specialists of audit firms have the required level of qualification, so they can engage in the introduction of new information technologies, as well as automation of the accounting and internal control system;
  • The services that accompany the audit also assume valuation activities, that is, the establishment of the liquidation and residual values ​​of the enterprise, as well as the determination of the level of risk to which it is exposed;
  • For young entrepreneurs, auditors can offer this type of services, such as the full development of a business plan for a new project;
  • Some legal entities turn to auditors for the purpose of compiling research in the field of marketing;
  • large audit organizations carry out such services, accompanying the audit, as scientific, developmental research;

So, audit firms have the right to provideaudit services or their attendant. And for this each specialist has to have certain skills and knowledge in the area of ​​jurisprudence and economics. All the services that are associated with the audit can be conditionally divided and distinguished by two main groups: compatible with mandatory verification and incompatible with it.

The first include such types of services as:

  • an analytical study of the financial position of the client firm and organization of planning in the enterprise in terms of finance;
  • internal audit;
  • comprehensive consultation of an economic entity on issues related to the accounting scheme, the feasibility of introducing technological innovations;
  • training for internal audit;
  • development of a business plan for the client, organization of a new project and evaluation of its prospects;
  • marketing and analytical research, that is, the study of market conditions and determining the volume of the market that the client occupies;
  • providing advice in the field of legal regulation, as well as tax litigation.

For services not compatible with mandatory testing, include:

  • work on developing a scheme for maintaining or restoring accounting records;
  • full management of financial and taxation documentation;
  • settlement measures in the sphere of transfer of mandatory payments to the budget of all levels and extra-budgetary funds;
  • assistance in the restructuring or liquidation of an economic entity's company.

If the audit firm providesrelated services, then every specialist in the company must have appropriate skills and knowledge in the economy, in addition, he must be a legally savvy person. Employees of firms conducting audit checks, are obliged to strictly observe the main principles of confidentiality, honesty, responsibility, thoroughness and honesty.