Moisture is the best fertilizer for your garden

That fertile soil is the key to highcrops - it is clear to everyone. But how to achieve this very fertility? From the lessons of biology, we know that any plant for normal growth and fruiting needs nutrients. They are contained in any soil, but over the years the stocks of the necessary trace elements are depleted, the soil becomes poorer, and the plants on it grow poorly.

humus it
How to solve this problem? Of course, make a feed! It would seem, which is easier? And indeed, growing vegetables on an industrial scale, agrarians do not stint on all sorts of mineral fertilizers. These additives are very quickly absorbed by plants, as a result of which in the near future large, beautiful, and not ripe vegetables ripen on the beds. And we buy these agricultural gifts, not knowing that they contain a large number of all kinds of nitrates, pesticides and other dangerous compounds in them, along with vitamins. And here it is worth to think about what will bring more bought vegetables - good or bad?

Feeding with organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers, unlike mineral fertilizers,are harmless enough. These are long-acting fertilizers, they should be introduced every 2 years. Nutrients contained in such a top dressing are in the most acceptable proportions required by the plant. But they should be introduced correctly, otherwise instead of high yields it is possible to achieve absolutely the opposite effect. Let's find out what kind of fertilizer it is, how it happens and how to apply it properly. Virtually all organic fertilizers can be called one word - humus. Humus is the manure overgrown for several years, bird droppings, grass and other organic waste. It is also called compost. When composting, you should follow certain rules.

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Dung Mangewash

This fertilizer is most popular among farmers. Manure should be introduced into the soil in the fall, so it can decompose better into microelements, and planted plants can already get the necessary nutrition in the spring. In no case can not make fresh manure, otherwise your plants will simply burn.

Bird humus

This fertilizer (especially chicken manure) is verystrong. It should be added diluted: about 100 g of dry manure per 10 liters of water. Just like manure, chicken manure should be punched. With the decay of the droppings, eggs of worms and flies perish. This compost is rich in nitrogen, it also contains iron, manganese, cobalt, zinc. To the disadvantages can be attributed fetid odor.

Ciderates - herbal humus

This fertilizer, perhaps the safest, to makeit can be in any quantity without fear of an overdose. Pour top dressing. This fertilizer is especially loved by plants. It is prepared as follows: any grass (but it is better to take nettles) is cut, covered in a barrel and poured with water. Waiting for the fermentation to begin. The mass will foam, which should be taken into account and do not fill the barrel to the brim. Then, when the fermentation process stops, you will have an effective, and most importantly - harmless fertilizer. Dilute this compost in a ratio of 1:10.

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If there is no desire and no opportunity to cookfertilizing, then organic fertilizer can be bought in any specialized store. Fortunately, the choice is very large. Remember, competent soil fertilization is the guarantee of high yields!