How to water strawberries during flowering to achieve a good harvest

Strawberries are one of the most delicious garden berries. It is loved not only by children, but also by adults. Suffice it to recall that she and her juice are part of some very non-suits cocktails. Growing strawberries has always been a profitable business, as the demand for it is not weakening. However, it must be taken into account that the strawberry - the berry is rather capricious. In order to achieve a good harvest, it is necessary to solve many different tasks. For example, how to water strawberries during flowering. There are varieties that are resistant to disease and do not require such careful care, but their fruits are usually smaller and less attractive.

how to water strawberries during flowering
Berry strawberry

This fragrant beauty considers it her dutyland on the site of each summer resident. Yes, and more large-scale crops, whose goal is to maximize profits, is not uncommon. In order to achieve effective fruiting, you need to know some features of the structure of the strawberry bush. So, the root system is not deep. Therefore, the plant can not access the deep moisture reserves. Therefore, in order to obtain a satisfactory harvest as a result, it is necessary to ensure the correct water regime. In particular, watering strawberries during flowering, because it is at this time that the foundation of future abundance is laid.

watering strawberries during flowering
How to water a flowering strawberry

The first flowers appear on the bushes of thisplants already in May-June. To answer the question of how to water strawberries during flowering, you need to consider that the root system is located close to the soil surface. With excessive moisture, rotting leaves and loss of colors are possible. Overdrying the soil should also be avoided. If during the period of active growth the question of how to water a strawberry can be resolved in favor of the use of rain installations, then with the appearance of flowers this method becomes unacceptable. Water should come under the root, not pouring the leaves and future fruit. It is convenient to use drip irrigation.

, how to water strawberries
How often to water

And a very important point in how to waterstrawberry during flowering, is the frequency of moistening. In warm weather, it is recommended to irrigate once in 10-12 days. The amount of water depends on the type of soil. Usually use 10-12 liters per one square meter of landings. And another subtlety in how to water strawberries during flowering, is the temperature of the liquid. It turns out that this plant does not like cold water. Therefore, it is best to prepare a warm liquid for irrigation. It is best suited for this plant to be able to tie good fruit after flowering.

In order for the site on which thestrawberry, pleased the horticulturist with an abundant and delicious harvest, it is necessary to adhere to the correct technology of moistening the soil. The norms for loamy soils are higher, you need to add about 2 liters per square meter. And, of course, you need to take into account the weather. If the rains have passed, artificial moistening of the soil should be postponed. And if the sun warms in summer, watering should be carried out in strict accordance with the schedule. And then the result will please the diligent owners.