Labor everyday life in a new way.

Many people are familiar with such a phrase as "working days,but few people think about how to present it in a new role. But the interesting forms of pronunciation of such a common phrase can make ordinary days bright and cheerful.

work days

Poems about workdays


From night till dawn work without a lumen.


Every day we go there, with a new day, gentlemen.


Labor days are plowing from sunset to dawn.


Day to day work falls, day, from day to day adding wrinkles,

But our Friday will necessarily come, having organized in a fun of women and men.


Labor everyday life - disheveled curls,

We drive around the house, to work, to the schools of all we collect.

And then, in the maelstrom of weekdays, it bears me.

Because the days of work do not end until Saturday.


The alarm clock rings, the whole apartment in the morning,

He raises me from the bed and sends me to work.

And so five days without a break, until Friday, we jump savagely.


Labor days here to work us call.

It is difficult after Sundays to get into this movement again.

So the guys live and we all wait for Friday.


Every week we begin with plowing.

Monday, Tuesday on, we are straying.

The account is kept in the calendar,

Favorite Friday, where are you?


Not for nothing that those everyday work, because at work we watch them.

Solving difficult problems, chasing the realization of dreams.

And how will they give us a salary, honorable noble masters,

We are all delirious on Friday, to disperse all the fuss.

Relax and relax, well, what else to tell us here.

workdays are

How to change perceptions

Naturally, the definition of the work week is givena root word from "work". For some reason, working days sound like, whirlpool, routine. But do not tune in negatively, because everything is very simple to change. Find the work you want to spend your time, where you pay adequately, and then the phrase "working days" will cease to be perceived as gray and uninteresting. The invented phrases can not be corrected, but one can correct their attitude to their content.