Sphere of activity - what is it?

The very word "sphere of activity" is alreadydetermines the fact that this is a specific cell in the context of the general issue of labor. In fact, these are the types of work and services that exist for existing companies and enterprises, various organizations. And the list of services provided by an organization depends on what, in fact, the scope of the company. And initially, when a company is created, it is extremely important to "take your niche" in the whole economic system. And people who are engaged in business, often have some kind of "chuika", determining in which specific area you can work and manifest yourself.

What are the spheres of activity

Many people know the psychological methodthe definition of vocational guidance DDO. So, in psychology, there are 5 main types of profession that many people know about. But it is important to note that this is not the sphere of activity as such, but simply the psychological direction of the individual (in business everything is a little different). Although this classification can also be considered in the context of certain areas of work. Nevertheless, if we talk about the immediate sphere in business, we can distinguish 5 main areas.

1. The production business is directly related to the production of goods. Often carried out by commercial organizations that produce a variety of works and provide a number of conditioned services.

2. Commercial business is, in fact, the purchase and sale of goods. It can be trade organizations or (and) commodity exchanges.

3. Financial business - is connected with currency transactions, securities, investment (all kinds of banks, stock exchanges, financial companies).

4. Intermediary business is a commercial organization whose purpose is to provide services.

5. Insurance business - companies that provide insurance services.

Consequently, the scope of the company mayDetermine exactly what types of services and jobs it assumes. Naturally, before you decide which specific cell in the business you want to occupy, it is very important to analyze the market situation at the moment. And in this regard, it is very important to identify:

  • investment attractiveness of this or that branch where you would like to prove yourself;
  • intensity of competition in this area of ​​work;
  • the stage of development of a particular case;
  • the degree to which this sphere of activity is in demand on a particular territory.

And in order not to lose, it is very important to make the right choice from the very beginning and use the correct methods and techniques of analysis and evaluation of the above-mentioned features.

Scope and activities - what is the difference

This question can confuse and confuse many. Especially it concerns those who did not encounter such concepts. And for the majority it can be identical definitions. So, in order to understand what the scope of activity is, one can turn to conventional logic. For example, on sites that offer a job, you can see that absolutely all vacancies are placed in accordance with the area of ​​activity of the applicant who is in search of a suitable specialist. But it can not be overlooked that even the category "service sector" will presume far more than one vacancy. Yes, and this section itself can be divided into several subcategories. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the scope of activity is that area, the types of work that the company (enterprise, organization) is engaged in. As for the type of activity - this is exactly the specific case that a certain specialist will deal with in the context of this area of ​​work.