Enterprise finance management is the key to success

The basis of any organizedThe collective is responsible for the effectiveness of attracting and using money, or managing the company's finances. Correctly organized financial activity leads to the achievement of high results.

Financial management of the enterprise

enterprise finance management

The level of profit received by the enterprise is directly related to the proceeds from the sale of its production, which exceeds production costs.

The financial management of the enterprise will be effective when the management decisions that are made clearly control the movement of cash.

Properly organized financial planningflows allows you to safely go through the stage of borrowing the initial capital from an external source and enter the position when the income of the enterprise becomes the main financial source.

Financial management system of the enterprise

enterprise financial management system

The success of an enterprise depends on coherent, competenta built-up management system for complex, multivariate, diverse cash flows. The company's financial management system, or financial management, aims to achieve corporate results.

In the period of transition economy, financial management is to develop activities aimed primarily at survival and exclusion of bankruptcy.

With the development of the economy, the enterprise's goals becomemore complex, priority is the installation for a maximum assessment of the market value of the enterprise. The management system or financial management includes various principles, financial instruments and methods, indicators and organizational structure.

methods of financial management of an enterprise

There are general rules for financial management,which are based on self-reliance, self-financing, responsibility for the result, interest in economic efficiency, on the creation of reserves, on control. The management system is designed to ensure the simultaneous application of these principles and distribute them across all sections of corporate cash.

Methods of financial management of the company are built on the basis of developed principles, methods of accounting and analysis, planning and control.

Financial accounting is guided by internationalreporting standards, that is, information on the financial position and flows is filed in accordance with the rules provided. The analysis is an estimation of efficiency of managing, and also economic development of the enterprise.

The method of managing financial flows inactivity of the enterprise is aimed at optimizing cash resources for the development perspective. A key role in the management system belongs to the enterprise budget. The financial control system closes the system. Financial management of the enterprise in Russia undergoes a transition from the development of algorithms for solving simple problems to complex, complex tasks.