How best to break beds in the cottage

Its green garden-garden - these words warm the soulany summer resident, even if potential, that is, a person who simply felt a craving for the land. Flowers on the flowerbed, a bush of lilacs and a few trees - it's not a dream. And if you still break up the beds in the country - here it is and the earth is the nurse. The one who at least once planted vegetables or berries knows by hearsay: with a grown-up harvest, there is no likelihood of any store goods. On the environmental side of the issue can not be said.

But there is also an aesthetic, designer side: how to arrange beds in the dacha, not only taking into account the benefits, but also beauty and intelligence. A few tips from a knowledgeable person will not interfere.

beds in the cottage

The most important is the quality of the soil

Before planting beds in the dacha with their own hands,you need to think about the land. If the soil is heavy, clayey or stony, it will have to be tinkered with: dig, select stones. Loam requires the introduction of large river sand, peat, humus or the finished earth mixture from the store. In a word, the soil for any garden in the dacha should be light and clean, and it is necessary to plant crops in well-lit areas where there is no stagnation of rainwater.

beds in the dacha with their own hands

Dimensions and forms of beds

There are no rules here - it all depends onterritory under the garden and the imagination of a truck farmer. Although there is one rule: the design of beds in the country requires the same attention as the design of the yard or gazebo. If the proportions are not met, the beds are located at random - this does not cause any positive emotions, not only for guests, but also for the owners of the site themselves. Most often, the beds are digged in the form of a rectangle, 2-2.5 meters long and not more than a meter and a half wide, so that when you land you can reach out and not step on the dug surface. Smooth, neat edges are an indispensable condition. For convenience, special bows are often used: the ground does not crumble, and the shape of the bed is preserved. However, depending on the landscape, the beds in the dacha are often made both oval and round, the main thing is that they fit organically into the space.

Laying beds in the country

Round berry bed

This is a relatively new invention of summer residents -a berry bed. Imagine a few tiers of strawberry seedlings, strewn with bright berries! Making such a luxury is very simple. In the stores for gardeners and truck farmers are selling plastic corrugated rolls just for the rims on the beds. For berries in the garden, it is better to take green material - it looks more natural - 30 cm high. For a base of this plastic, a circle with a diameter of at least 1.5 m is made. The circle is filled with earth (the quality of the soil is mentioned above). Then inside the second circle is set with an indent from the side about 18-20 cm. And further - the following circles of smaller diameter. It is enough 3-5 tiers. And now it remains to arrange the strawberries on all levels along the perimeter, pour abundantly - and wait for the harvest. It is necessary to choose remontant varieties that yield several crops per season, so that there is no depressing sight of the withered flower bed. In addition, this method will be able to keep strawberries within certain limits - because it grows and strives to occupy the whole garden.

Enjoy your hassle in the country and delicious harvests.