Pistol traumatic "The Guard" MR-461: a review, features and reviews

"The Guardian MR 461" is the only traumaticThe pistol, produced at the facilities of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. A unique design allows fans of weapons to quickly recognize this model. Thanks to its power, ergonomics and reliability, it has been successfully sold for more than a decade. Today we'll get to know the "Guardian" closer and find out how he earned his popularity. Let's start with the history of creation.

Pistol traumatic "The Guardian"

Production start

Pistol traumatic "The Guardian" was developedand was first produced in 2006. At that time the legendary "Wasp" was the leader of the market of barren traumatic weapons with an electric capsule. She was loved for power, which was enough for self-defense in an extreme situation. The "Wasp" was able to prove to everyone the effectiveness of the cartridge 18x45, which had been controversial for a long time. The only drawback of "Wasps" was its size. It is designed for 4 cartridges, so the thickness in the installation area of ​​the cassettes was quite impressive.

Fee for compactness

Developers of the "Guardian" decided to make their ownThe model is more compact in order to push Osu in the market. The only intelligible way to achieve this was to reduce the number of charges to two, located vertically. About whether there are enough two charges for full-fledged self-defense, they talked for a long time. In the end, weapons experts came to the conclusion that two cartridges are not enough.

"Guard" (traumatic gun): the price

The fact is that according to the idea of ​​the creators, the pistolthe traumatic "Guardian" should be recharged very quickly. In practice, this never came to pass. The use of replaceable cassettes, previously loaded with cartridges, also did not help. The reason for the unsuccessful mounting of the cassette, which even experienced users of the model have to mess around with.

Here is a payment of the designers of the Izhevsk plantdecided to give for the compactness of the pistol and its light weight. As far as it is practical, it is up to each user. And the facts say that "Ose" "Strazhnik" could not make serious competition.

First parties

The low popularity of the model at first wasis more likely due not to dual-charge, but to the shortcomings that the first parties possessed. They were deprived of the upper peak, which serves to fix the upper cartridge of the cassette. Without it, the upper charge shifted slightly when the lower shot was fired, and the contacts could no longer reach the sleeve. In fact, this made the pistol single-charged. As it turned out later, such a serious problem was due to the simple inattention of developers and the lack of serious factory testing of weapons.

Traumatic pistol "Strazhnik MP 641": price

The second problem was a weak reserve of chargebatteries. Initially, the "Guardian" was equipped with one battery, but in practice this was not enough. In the case of oxidation of contacts, the charge was not enough for normal operation. As a result, manufacturers began to equip the model with two batteries.

Another failure was the unsuccessful "ears"the cassette holder. When shot, they received a serious load, as a result of which they quickly went out of order. This problem was also solved, but not immediately.

New parties

As can be seen from a short excursion intohistory, the traumatic pistol "The Guardian" entered the market very "raw" and required a lot of upgrades. Naturally, this did not suit the consumer, so at first the model had an extremely low demand due to poor reputation. In recent years, the situation has changed dramatically. Today, many experts even recommend the "Guardian" for self-defense.

In the gun very successfully implementedfuse. It is in the form of a special switch located directly on the trigger. The fuse has two positions: right-lock, left-firing. The arrow does not need to remove the finger from the brace to bring the weapon into combat condition. You can remove the gun from the fuse even while pulling it out of the pocket.

Traumatic pistol "The Guardian": reviews


Pistol traumatic "Guard" is chargingany cartridges caliber 18x45 with an electric capsule. If the weapon is used as the main, then one of the cartridges (the one that shoots first) is recommended to be replaced with light and sound. This will allow one shot to disorient several opponents and calmly leave the attack site. If something goes wrong, you will always have a second bullet with a rubber bullet. Putting much hope on this model, believing that it will save you in a shootout, it's not worth it.

The best cartridges for such weaponsThe ammunition of the firm "A + A" is considered, which have a plastic sleeve. The second popular model is ammunition 18h45RSH, which shoot a rubber ball bullet, weighted metal shavings.


The gun is made in the same way as the other onesmodels of barren weapons with an electric capsule. It is equipped with a simple uncontrollable fly, which is quite enough for aiming at short distances. Some versions were equipped with a laser target designator, but they are rarely found on the market, since they were produced in a limited series. LTSU is also powered by basic batteries. In order for the user to check the charge of the batteries at any time, the gun is equipped with a special indicator light, which is activated by means of a button. If the lamp is on, it's all right. And if not, you need to change the batteries.

"The Guardian" (traumatic pistol): instruction manual


Before you start using anyit is recommended that you read the instructions. "The Guardian" is a traumatic pistol, the instruction manual for which provides quite comprehensive information for a simple user. In addition, before you trust the gun, you need to test it. If the weapon works without flaws, you can rely on it. As already mentioned, there is no big hope for a double-charging product, so it's better to always try to settle the conflict with conversation.

Traumatic pistol "The Guardian": reviews

According to reviews of real owners, the gunmuch better lies in the hands of the "Wasp". The model is uniquely developing, and there are practically no complaints about the versions of the last years. Many consider the dual-charge pistol as a significant drawback. According to statistics, when self-defense with a gun occurs on average two shots, but there are only two. Therefore, there is some risk. That is why many charge their "guard" at the same time as a light and sound traumatic cartridge. The weight of the weapon (less than 200 grams) and its modest dimensions make it comfortable to wear. But on the other hand, because of the small weight, the return is stronger. In general, everyone decides for himself whether the traumatic pistol "Strazhnik MP 461" is suitable for him. The price of the new model is about 90 dollars. A few more dollars will go to the holster and cartridges.

"The Guardian" (traumatic pistol): instruction


Summing up today's conversation, you canto say that the "Guardian" is a traumatic gun, the price of which is quite acceptable, and the characteristics are as good as possible in barren weapons with an electric cup. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use, therefore suitable for non-sophisticated users. The main thing is that the pistol does not have factory defects. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make a thorough inspection before buying the "Guardian". Traumatic gun, the instruction to which the wave is understandable for people who are not versed in weapons, can become your faithful defender. The main thing is to use it wisely.