Stimulation of sales in marketing

Stimulation of marketing in marketing - these are all thoseMeasures and activities that, by their activity, should help increase sales and attract more buyers. It should be noted that such measures are aimed not only at the final buyer, but also on the one who promotes this or that product. Stimulating sales in marketing has several different goals, depending on who they are specifically targeted to: sales representatives or the end user. In the second case, the main task is to attract as many buyers as possible, as well as increase the number of goods that will be purchased by one consumer. If we talk about the stimulation of sellers, it consists in attracting more sales representatives to promote the old and bring new products to market, as well as to increase the range and quantity of goods in one outlet.

Forms of sales promotion can be divided into two categories: "hard" and "soft".

"Tough" sales promotion in marketing

In view of the great competition to sell anygoods are difficult enough. The buyer is accustomed to trust either the products of those brands that have already been successfully tried, or one that has been qualitatively advertised. With these goals and was developed in marketing "hard" stimulation, ie, which in a short time will help convince the consumer of the need to make the purchase of this particular product. And it is most convenient to do this with the help of various discounts, sales (price incentives), as well as the issuance of additional goods, provided that there will be a purchase (natural stimulation). Based on observations, it becomes obvious that such measures are indeed quite effective. Working on the principle of psychological impact on the buyer, they bring good returns to producers. When a consumer sees on the shelf goods at a discount or a product to which the same is attached, only half cheaper or completely free, then the desire to buy this product mechanically, proceeding from tangible benefits.

As a rule, "hard incentives" areA temporary nature, as it is carried out in a short time. Frequent use of it is highly undesirable. For example, if a discount to a particular product or a different stock is very often held, the buyer may have a doubt as to the quality of the product. The timing of this incentive is also associated with certain costs of producers, without which it will not be possible to do without.

"Soft" sales promotion in marketing

Here we have in mind such means as activestimulation, going to some extent in the form of a game process. For example, effective in the implementation of a product is the holding of various contests and lotteries. This is also a kind of psychological impact on the buyer. Having learned that by buying chips, you can take part in the drawing of household appliances, he will necessarily make a purchase and will test his luck.

To "soft" forms of sales promotion refers toAlso bright and attractive design of packing, distribution of obligatory gifts, return of money in the event that the bought goods did not justify the qualities.

Stimulation of sales - responsibletask for each marketer. It is important not only to be able to use the forms and methods of stimulation described above, but also to clearly understand the goods with which you work, and to whom it can be most useful. Work marketer very often is to communicate with potential buyers, so you need to be able to correctly put the conversation and turn it towards the implementation of the purchase in such a way that the client does not feel the imposition of the proposed products.